Dior Spring Vibes

Hey you,

only one and a half week to go and my internship will be over. I already planned so many exciting things regarding the blog and I cannot wait to have more time doing what I love and what I am passionate about. To brighten up these indecisive first spring days I am going nuts about these wonderful ‘Dior’ products. I already tried them out (I took the photos beforehand) and I am so in love. The colours are incredibly pretty and the products have such a good quality. Everything from eyeshadow to lipstick is super easy to apply and creates such a wonderful spring inspired look. I have in mind to share a make-up look with you using these ‘Dior’ products in the following weeks. Nonetheless, how lovely do the products look just being displayed alongside a bunch of fresh pink tulips? They couldn’t look any prettier, I guess. In the upcoming post where I create a look using those products, I will definitely tell you some details about each item. For now, just enjoy the pure beauty of the ‘Kingdom of Colors’.







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