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it is never too late to get into working out. So, if you are not already on the bandwagon, why not start today? My fitness journey didn’t start just recently, though, I was always active as a child. My parents made sure I joined ballet classes, gymnastic groups, and athletics teams. However, I must say most of the time, I rather sucked at what I was doing. These activities, as well as the trainers therein, were not fostering individuals enough and so, in the end, I often felt discouraged to continue. Sometimes, I was lucky and it was because of friends and the kind personality of the trainers that I stuck around. Well, through a lot of trial and error, I made it to where I am today. I can tell you, I am by no means an athlete or anywhere close to a professional in any category of sports. Nevertheless, since about six years, I love to workout and move my body. My routine constantly changed in those past years. The last two to three years, though, I am working out as many times a week as I can possibly fit into my schedule (which is around 5 to seven times) and moving my body reached utmost priority. Working out for me also includes stretching and yoga sessions because clearly doing the same high-intensity workout each day, would not bring you any results. Currently, my routine consists out of circuits, HIITs, intervals, walking/jogging, yoga, and stretching. This brings me to another important point: variation is key! It will keep you excited for the weeks to come and prevents you from falling into a boring, mundane and inefficient routine. I am very happy with how far I’ve come regarding my fitness levels. Just to let you know, I never lost weight or anything. The only things that changed, are my health, happiness, strength, endurance and confidence. I am constantly thriving to progress in my fitness journey, that has actually become part of my lifestyle.

Alright, if you are now wondering how you, yes you, can start your own fitness journey and increase overall health and happiness, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. It’s not a competition! Go in your on pace. Don’t think you have to achieve the greatest results in a matter of a few weeks. This clearly won’t happen. Fitness is all about the long run. Implement workouts into your life that are mastered to stay there. If you only have time to work out three to four times a week, that’s fine. If you like ballet more than running, that is fine as well. Do what you love and do it in the amount that suits you. This is really the only way to stay on track in the long run.
  2. Do what you like. There we are once again. The key to enjoying your workouts and making them part of your lifestyle is to search for the workouts that suit you. Don’t settle. Try different sports until you are satisfied. This is the only way, to make sure you will stick to it. It’s all about finding the perfect match, really.
  3. Find yourself a workout partner. You’ll be able to keep each other accountable, motivate each other and train with each other. Together everything is much more fun, trust me. And if you cannot find anyone to workout with you. There are so many great communities out there to join. Either you could join a fitness studio with more personalized groups and a more individual touch to it or you could simply join an online community like for example the Fit Fam by Amanda Bisk.
  4. Invest in active wear! This is what will keep you motivated as well and gets you even more excited to workout. Perfectly fitting and pretty workout wear, will make you feel more confident and increase your motivation to work out even more. I must say that I love to buy some new fitness gear every now and then, knowing that the upcoming workout will feel even more efficient, simply caused by my thoughts revolving around these flattering workout pants or my new top.
  5. Don’t underestimate what you put into your body! As you probably already know, I am an advocate of eating a plant-based and healthy diet. Excluding processed foods and artificial produce. This is by no means restrictive. The way I eat makes me feel good and my body loves it as well. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean this would be the right choice for you as well. I encourage you to try it out. However, it is possible that a different way of eating is much more suitable for you. So, you can either get help from a professional to tailor your diet or you can do your own research and simply start on a healthier path. It is important, though, that you do not restrict on essential nutrients in your diet. Never cut out carbs, proteins, fats or anything like that. Balance is key!

I would really love to hear about your fitness journey and I wish you a wonderful week.

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