Travel Guide | Helsinki Day 1

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as you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram (@bycarinajung) or Snapchat (@carina_ju), I spent the last couple of days in Helsinki, visiting a friend and exploring new places. Since I was very little I’ve always loved to travel and that is why I jump at every opportunity that allows me to hop on the next plane to a new destination. With every journey, I feel like growing and it definitely aids to self-development and finding your true self, whoever that might be. Without wanting to be judgemental, I feel obligated to state that there is a huge difference between some travelers and others as well as non-travelers. During day to day encounters, I often stumble across people that sadden me with their narrow mindedness. However, this phenomenon probably is a huge contributor to my love for traveling and exploring new places, preferably accompanied by a local, a friend calling the place her hometown or by blending in with the inhabitants and their food and lifestyle culture. I strongly feel like this is the only way to learn, grow and widen your own horizon. It also majorly helps to overcome fears and definitely contributes to your knowledge and the understanding of diversity. This doesn’t mean you have to like everything you see or that you have to adopt new habits with every journey you embark on. For me it rather indicates that one should live under the motto ‘each to their own’ and also ‘if one has nothing kind or productive to say, one should better not say anything’. Well, enough of my deep thoughts, which most likely were encouraged by a few recent events, where I wasn’t able to understand how people could be so closed-minded and cruel in their language use.

As this is supposed be a travel guide to Helsinki, I’ll now start telling you about the places I visited on the first day of my journey.

The first thing I can only recommend to you is walking. If you walk to each destination you want to visit in any town (as long as it is possible), you’ll be amazed by how many incredible things you are going to discover along the way and it will definitely help you to see places you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Especially, in Helsinki, I feel like it is worth wandering around the streets of the city centre and along the coast. Must sees are the Tuomiokirkko and the Uspenski Cathedral. Both churches are beautifully built from the inside and outside. I really fell in love with the present architecture.

As I was really lucky with the weather, it was a blessing to walk around town and especially beautiful were the harbour sights and all the pretty boats lined up alongside each other. Looking out onto the ocean definitely, makes you start dreaming and encourages you to think of a bright future as well as the ability to achieve your goals. Maybe it is just me but the endlessness of water always inspires me to the fullest.

Food-wise, I was majorly impressed by what the city has to offer in regards to plant-based options. To take away, for fresh smoothies, breakfast puddings and to stock up on snacks, I would highly recommend an organic store called Ruohonjuuri. Their healthy options are amazing and delicious as well. For a quick smoothie, it is possible to spot a Jungle Juice bar at a handful of spots throughout the city. Quite refreshing those smoothies and definitely filling enough to work as a meal. A place I would definitely recommend for tea time is the coffee and cake place called Johan & Nystrom. Not only will you have the most amazing view when sitting outside, you’ll also be able to enjoy a delicious assortment of raw cakes, coffee, and teas.

Lastly, if you want to get a wonderful overview of the city and watch everything from above, you should definitely walk up the hill to the small Finnish fun park called Linnanaki and take a free ride with the viewing platform that takes you all up in the air and slowly spins you around, in order to get a 360° view of the surrounding area. Definitely worth doing.

Stay tuned for the second day of exploring Helsinki, more food options, and treasure islands.

Last but not least, enjoy your Sunday.


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