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usually, I always dreaded fall and winter season since you repeatedly wear a small selection of winter coats over and over again. However, this year I managed to get my hands on some very exciting pieces, leading me to not minding the repetition at all. Basically, you will have a hard time to get me out of this fluffy coat.

I feel like the name sounds too funny to give this coat justice, but it actually is the softest coat I’ve worn so far. When I walked into the store and spotted the fluffy coat by Riani, it was love at first sight. Some also refer to these kinds of coats as teddy bear coats. Nevertheless, this coat type is currently the hottest outerwear on the fashion market. If you scroll through your Instagram or Bloglovin’ feed, I guarantee you to stumble across a good amount of fluffy coats. I also spotted a lot of girls street styling this beautiful design. I must admit, most of the time, I am not much after the latest trends. However, with this coat once again, I seem to have found a trend piece combined with timelessness, achieving a stage of being all dressed up, while still feeling comfortable and keeping warm.

If this is not reason enough, I encourage you to get your hands on one of these beautifully designed pieces, so that you can as well feel like a beautiful teddy bear conquering those icy days.

Besides, how do you like the combination of the turtleneck peaking out underneath the coat? I am currently super in love with this look. Every time I put on a coat, I make sure to let my turtleneck peak through. In my opinion, this just adds a little something. A tiny upgrade to the already gorgeous outerwear.

I am off to Venice over the weekend and I am already excited to share with you everything I get up to. Additionally, I cannot contain my excitement since I always dreamed of seeing those beautiful houses along the pretty canals. Until today, I have only come as close as seeing the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. That is about to change. If you want to come with me just go over to my Instagram stories, and I will take you along.









Coat-Riani, turtleneck-Asos, boots-Bianco

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