The Edit #2: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

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here comes round two of the weekly The Edit. Enjoy your Sunday & have a read.

In today’s The Edit #2: #ad, farm to face, the worldly state, Vogue UK,  & Love bracelets…

  1. The past week, I again seemed to stumble across the influencer #ad debate ever so often. This discussion always brings up the fact that a good amount of the blogger audience is not all too happy about influencers posting or rather presenting content that is paid and sponsored by a certain brand. Audience members show concern if the promoted product is genuinely loved by the influencer. Nevertheless, you would like to be aware of #ad content, wouldn’t you? This also made me think about the fact that most stars in terms of famous actors and singers, for instance, do not declare which content or product they show off is sponsored and which not. In the end, I myself like to be aware and am a strong encourager of sponsored content since bloggers do have to make a living after all. Hence, I loved reading Carly Rowena’s thoughts on that matter, highlighting that all the products, advertised by her, are carefully selected and genuinely loved.
  2. I love seeing major influencers like Chiara Ferragni publishing posts about natural skincare. Being aware of the beautiful concept from farm to face can be just so enlightening. Most people are not at all informed about the damage they cause to their bodies, by putting highly toxic ingredients onto their skin. I mean, you wouldn’t eat toxic ingredient either, would you? Well, as you probably know, I simply love discovering all those luxury niche products using only the most natural high-performance ingredients. In my opinion, this is the way forward. One simply cannot ignore the harmfulness of common high-end products when there is so much possibility to create luxury products that are truly good for you.
  3. The last few months, I simply felt lucky for not being directly impacted by the political situation in America as of now. However, over the last few weeks, I felt some kind of fear creeping into my conciousness. Questions like, what if this all sets a bad example for other countries, what if we all just bring ourselves into more and more trouble, and where on earth are the progressive rights for women and minority groups that were fought for, all that time? Relating this to the fashion industry, I was astonished that the industry, I feel most strongly connected to, was the one remaining the most silent. I just hope that soon humanity will unite and the world will look a little brighter again. I just wish for my generation and the ones to come to have a future and a world to travel through, with lots of individual choices to make and a variety of places to live.
  4. Alexandra Shulman the editor in chief is leaving Vogue UK after working there for more than 25 years. This woman did a remarkable job. Moreover, she is called the most successful and longest serving editor of Vogue in its 100 years of existence. Furthermore, she was the one at the lead when Vogue turned from a paper magazine into a global and digital brand. I think this deserves a round of applause. Lastly, of course it is inspiring to read that she is seeking new challenges and looks forward to what is yet to come. Always progressing.
  5. Over the past few weeks Cartier launched its newest version of the Love bracelet, with countless campaignes led by influencers of the fashion industry. Can we just take a moment and admire the sleek design. Most importantly, I am happy to see the product being brought closer to millennials and therefore the brand is stepping into a new area. I will definitely keep and eye out onto the brand’s development into a younger market niche. Hence, let’s end this article with me admitting that I will be more than happy to one day receive the bracelet as a gift by a potential loved one.

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