The Edit #3: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

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In today’s The Edit #3: white bandanas, snow storms, personal empowerment, clean eating, & work behaviour…

  1. Besides revealing the spring collection in Los Angeles instead of New York, Tommy Hilfiger also took a political stance. All models were equipped with white bandanas around their wrists which they showed off during their walk. The bandanas are a sign of unity and therefore an empowering statement during the current political situation of America. The initiative is called ‘tied together movement’ and is founded in support of solidarity, human unity, and togetherness. The movement was created by BOF and its publisher Imran Amed to bond mankind, regardless of race, gender or religion. Want to join the tribe? Find out more here.
  2. The past week New York Fashion Week started. The only question is who wins: fashion or winter? The people of the industry seem to have no other chance but facing the cold and wrap up into several layers of clothing. I am intrigued in who will manage to still pull off the most fashionable outfit, whilst not returning home with frozen hands and feet. I added some of my favourite looks to the collage but the game is still on.
  3. The past Friday, I discovered very inspiring 7 minutes to listen to. You can find them on The School of Greatness Podcast hosted by Lewis Howes. The 7-minute talk snippet is extracted from last months Wanderlust event. The podcast content is part of, top life coach, Tim Storey’s speech. He offers insights into the power of thought and the fact that great people knew at a very young age where they want to go in life and that they actually ended up right where they belong. In short: Do what is inside you! Hence, do not lose your playfulness whilst conquering life.
  4. Not only throughout the last week but rather throughout the past couple of weeks, I found that everywhere I went on social media, health influencers tried to make fun of diets that were previously termed as ‘clean’. In my opinion ‘clean’ truly is a word that can be very misunderstood and misused. However, the diet behind it mustn’t be all too wrong. I know countless people, including myself that are on a healing journey thanks to leaving out certain foods whilst including others more regularly. Hence, I am especially annoyed by the whole drama that is made around diets termed glutenfree, sugarfree, etc. The point I want to make here is that there are actually people out there with sever intolerances that are only able to truly enjoy their food because of all the knowledge put out there. I especially loved to read the ‘practical guide for gut health‘ on the sportluxe website. Finally, someone being sensible.
  5. Lastly, I loved having a read over the article on millennials and their behaviour towards potential employers. Are you doing everything in your ability to increase your work-life success? Have a read.


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