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a few weeks ago I ran out of my usual go-to cleanser. Luckily, this happened the same week the newest cleanser by Omorovicza arrived at my doorstep. Such lovely coincidence. As you can probably guess, I was more than excited to give it its first try. Well, I can tell you, I have been using the Moor Cream Cleanser nonstop since the day I started about three to four weeks ago. Hence, today, I am on a mission to tell you everything I know about this cleanser. In addition, I will give you an insight into my experience with the usage of this moor-infused product.

First of all, the cleanser belongs to the Moor Mud collection that I was previously talking about. The collection contains Magnesium rich products and is, therefore, beneficial for the nourishment of the skin. If you want to read more on magnesium and its benefits for the skin, you can take a look at The Edit #6. You can find the information by going through the second bullet point.

Now, let’s get into some more detail in regard to the ingredients of the natural high-performance cleanser. The Moor Cream Cleanser contains mineral-rich clays and is a potent source of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Furthermore, it contains humic and fulvic acids plus zinc oxide. This cocktail of ingredients neutralises the impact of harmful free radicals, clears and decongests the complexion as well as plumps and illuminates the skin. Besides zinc being an anti-inflammatory, essential oils like lavender, camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus provide further antiseptic and soothing benefits for the skin. As far as my knowledge goes, this cleanser should be suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones.

In regard to the usage and texture of the cleanser, I simply use a pea-sized amount and massage it into my damp pre-cleansed skin. As you might know by being a consistent reader, I always like to take off my makeup with a high quality, unrefined and cold-pressed coconut oil since I find this the most convenient and gentle way to do so. The Moor Cream Cleanser is as creamy as the name promises and contains tiny pieces that act as gentle exfoliants. Besides, the cleanser has a spa-like scent to it which makes the usage even more luxurious and pleasant. I can definitely smell the mixture of essential oils, reminding me of sauna visits. Very welcome.

Lastly, I wanted to give you an insight into my personal experience with the product’s effect on my skin. I must say that I have hereby encountered another product which I happily add to my collection of beloved Omorovicza products. My skin feels soft and soothed after using the cleanser. The product does not cause any unwanted breakouts and agrees well with my skin’s condition. My currently dry skin, does not get stripped of its moisture but gets cleansed thoroughly and feels freed of the day’s grime. I also noticed less congested pores over the past few weeks. However, I cannot tell you if this is thanks to the incredible cleanser or just a hormonal change. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this gentle but impactful Moor Cream Cleanser to anyone in search of a luxurious cleansing procedure with provided results.

*Thank you to Omorovicza for kindly providing me with the featured product. All opinions are my own.

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