The Edit #12: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

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happy Easter Sunday to you all. Here, you go. I’ve got the weekly The Edit for you to dive into. This time it is very heavy on the wellness aspect. However, I think this is quite appropriate, given that we are in the middle of the Easter Holiday weekend. So, enjoy a moment for yourself and have a read. Plus, don’t forget to try out the Yoga video, I liked below to get rid of all the stress going on around you. I promise you this session will definitely transfer you into a meditative state. Thank me later.

In today’s The Edit #12: Bikram Yoga experience, meditative Yoga session, Easter cookies, the most retrograde, Burberry, Net-A-Porter…

  1. The past week I went to my first Bikram Yoga session. Similar to Hot Yoga, this yoga style is also practised whilst being in a room with a temperature of 40° Celcius. However, the difference is that in Hot Yoga you do a Vinyasa Flow whilst in Bikram Yoga, you go through 26 poses or rather sets. I must say, I still prefer the Vinyasa Flow but I sincerely love the Bikram style as well. I can only encourage you to try it and see for yourself. For those of you who aren’t near a Yoga studio, I also did a wonderful meditative Yoga session at home. Join in on the fun here.
  2. Have you noticed that the past week was all about healthy chocolate Easter eggs? At least my Instagram was flooded by the cute treats. I must say, I felt too late to the bandwagon. Moreover, I do not own any of those fancy chocolate egg forms. This leaves me with no chance to recreate them just so. For those of you who do, you can find my favourite recipe here. If you are like me and do not own any of those fancy chocolate Easter egg forms, you can try out my Easter cookie recipe. I can promise you, they are equally delicious, healthy, and, of course, allergy friendly.
  3. My favourite podcast episode the past week was definitely the one by That’s So Retrograde called The Most Retrograde. The episode was all about astrology and it definitely explained to me my current life circumstances plus all the relationship weirdness going on around me. Did I get you curious? Have a listen here.
  4. Well, let’s move on to the fashion industry. Elle did an incredible interview with Christopher Bailey, the current designer of Burberry or rather chief creative officer. The interview gives a wonderful insight into Christoper Bailey’s trains of thought. Moreover, it tells about the designer’s achievement of keeping a brand in the now with digital innovation and immediate sales speed. Plus, how important is the continuance of a traditional craftmanship? See for yourself.
  5. Did I read this right? Nine percent of Londoners shop on Net-A-Porter. Well, I cannot blame them. Who doesn’t love the online shop? However, given the price point, this is a stunning revelation. Well, the fact is Londoners want their high-end clothes delivered straight to their doors and fast. Even faster than New York city customers. Well, that is definitely a win-win for Net-A-Porter who delivers fast and makes it easy to order from anywhere you are. The whole story about the online store’s current successes is up on the Evening Standard Uk. Thinking about the rising buying pace of the consumers, which I talked about the past week, I am not surprised by the slightest.

The Edit #12

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