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Hey you,

yes, you read that right! I am addicted to travelling. I touched upon this before but seriously, travelling gets me the most excited. It creates an ongoing happiness within me. It’s this striving for new impressions, the tasting of foreign foods, the wandering through unfamiliar streets. As much as I love being at home, in my childhood surroundings, I discovered that it is way more exciting to be abroad. Perhaps this excitement for travelling got me into studying abroad, doing an internship in yet another city, plus having an exchange planned. Possibly, this is also the cause why this current year sounds so appealing to me.

However, I have fears, doubts and anxieties, even though I really want to go to all these different places. We all have them. The only thing that differentiates the explorer from the home-stayer is the mindset. In order to experience, see the beautiful world, and live in several places one has to make friends with those fears. The person who excepts the anxiety that comes with the joy of exploration wins in life. After all, the simple act of experiencing new surroundings is proven to broaden one’s horizon.

Growth comes from being thrown into the cold water, from being on your own, from being forced to make new acquaintances. It also simply comes from trying yourself in new languages or by getting used to different cultures. Well, the best experiences I had in life so far, have all been in countries and cities other than the one I grew up in. For me, the fact that I have accomplished the most by being away from home just goes to show the enormous impact of travelling on my life. Moreover, in those homes away from home I also made the best friends to date.

Right in this moment, I am a little frightened to go to Hamburg. A city, I’ve only once been to for a little family trip. I don’t know a single person in this city and yet, I am certain of having an incredible time. It doesn’t have to be just good but also educational. The next three month will be filled with life lessons, new acquaintances, and certainly growth and memories. So, I am just going. I am not leaving the doubting voice in me a chance – I almost never do – I simply jump, run, or fly. It wasn’t always like this. However, I learned. It is whatever it takes to satiate the hunger. I am the creator of my life.

The pictures below are still from my wonderful short trip to Paris. I feel like, they quite well capture the positive and encouraging sentiment of this article.

Travel addict

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