The Edit #13: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

Hey you,

to be upfront, I created categories. This means I brainstormed five categories that I will cover on a weekly basis. Hence, it will help me to make sure to present you with diverse content. Honestly, the past weeks The Edit were pretty close to this set up anyway. However, through labelling the information snippets, we all know what we get. Well, I don’t think there is any further explanation required. The article is still going to be called the same. Without further ado, enjoy this week’s The Edit #13.

In today’s The Edit #13: #ad, Nauli, reasons to travel more, Geri Hirsch on wellness, Double Double Earl Grey Latte…

  1. Industry News: In the US celebrities and influencers have been warned to indicate paid advertisement on their Instagram accounts. The consumer regulator apparently sent letters to influencers with a request to signal paid content. Want more of an insight on this topic? This is the article talking all about it.
  2. Wellness News: Have you heard about Nauli? Well, in short, it is a Yoga technique said to be beneficial for your digestive system. How does it work? To do the exercise one has to suck in the stomach in wave-like motions. I’d suggest you better watch the how to video that went viral in the wellness world for yourself. Hatha Yogi Aubry Marie is definitely a professional.
  3. Favourite Blog Article: In harmony with my post on my addiction to travel, Victoria of In The Frow wrote an article about 9 Reasons You Need To Travel More. There was obviously some major telepathy going on here. Well, if you enjoyed my article and you want to get even more inspired, head over and have a read. Plus, Victoria’s pictures are majorly stunning and are worth a look at in any case.
  4. Favourite Podcast Episode: Yes, I am definitely podcast obsessed. That is why I don’t see it as a struggle to present you with a new favourite episode each and every week. The past week’s favourite of mine is by The Balanced Blonde and her guest Geri Hirsch. You might notice my love for everything related to wellness. In addition, I think this episode also made me appreciate Geri Hirsch the owner of Because I am Addicted even more. What an amazing person.
  5. Recipe Inspiration: My Mum really got me into drinking lattes. Well, not the coffee laden once you are probably thinking about. No, we are all about chai, turmeric, and matcha lattes. The more unusual the creation the better. The more potions involved the more magical. Therefore, I put this The Double Double Earl Grey Latte on the to-do list for the upcoming week. The recipe is by one of my favourite foodies Laura from The First Mess. Want to join the latte party? Have a look at the recipe and start recreating it with me.

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