April Favourites 2017 | Video

Hey you,

this week’s timing is slightly off. Oh, well. Howsoever, I arrived safely in Hamburg. These days, I am still in the process of feeling homely. My apartment is really nice and the city, obviously, is beautiful. For now, I am struggling a bit with sleeping in the new environment but I assume it will get better with time. I am always such a sensitive sleeper. Furthermore, I am a bit bummed about the food situation since I don’t have much equipment. Luckily, I still have some homemade granola left for now. Afterwards, I guess I have to get creative with the equipment available. Anything is possible, right?

Well, while I continue to explore my new environment, I am leaving you with the April Favourites video that I filmed back at my home in Mannheim. I hope you enjoy it. I am proud to present you quite some gems.

For all my Hamburg adventures, feel free to follow along on my Instagram Stories (@bycarinajung). There you’ll be the first to know about what I am up to.

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend.

April Favourites

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