The Edit #14: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

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I have not forgotten to write The Edit about the past week. After all, even though today is Monday, it technically feels like a Sunday. I don’t know about you but in Germany, we currently have a bank holiday. In yesterday’s

In yesterday’s article, I already told you that I arrived safely in Hamburg. Honestly, today I already feel more grounded than the days before. The new environmental situation wasn’t all too strange anymore. Perhaps yesterday’s meditation session at the Buddhist meditation centre was of help. Who knows? I’ll definitely be back though. Well, for now, I’ll leave you with this week’s The Edit #14. I hope you enjoy the read.

In today’s The Edit #14: life after fashion, vitamin D, nautical vibes, High Vibe Livin, Nut Pulp Granola…

  1. Industry News: “It’s not about what you’re wearing anymore; it’s about how you maintain your body and mind”. These words I stumbled across whilst reading an interesting article titled Life After Fashion on the online W Magazine platform. The article truly aligned with my recent quest for diving more and more into wellness myself. Surely, I am only in at the beginning stage of my wellness journey as well as my fashion journey. However, already now I am confident that the new luxury is wellness. In any case, if you want to perform well in life, you need to keep yourself in a good state. Plus, if you enhance other people’s wellness journeys, they’ll be eternally grateful. More so than for a pair of new designer jeans. Well, no one minds that either. Anyway, wellness packaged in luxury is where we are going to be heading.
  2. Wellness News: Oh well, I feel like I am cheating a bit here. The industry news which is ought to be rather luxury industry-focused and usually revolves around the business of fashion quite overlaps with the wellness news this time. Nonetheless, I wanted to touch upon the vitamin D discussion here. Honestly, I am still wondering why it is not a law that all citizens living in mild to colder areas are required to take a vitamin D supplement. It is widely impossible to meet the required amount with the minimal time we spend outside with bare bodies and little or no sunscreen. Well, thank you to The Chalkboard Mag for putting the facts together. I myself was vitamin D deficient only a couple of months ago. Now, I am taking my liquid vitamin D religiously. You cannot get this vitamin (hormone) from food, peeps!
  3. Favourite Blog Article: This week’s article mostly provides some spring outfit inspiration. The past week definitely brought in some nautical aura. Alongside this beautifully conceptualised outfit by Teetharejade, Zara provided us with a whole shoppable campaign with nautical vibes. I might or might not have ordered some of the campaign’s pieces. Naughty me.
  4. Favourite Podcast Episode: I am going to be a repeater here but again I have to mention another episode by The Balanced Blonde Podcast. The past week’s episode featured two wonderful humans that practice Kundalini Yoga and they go by the name High Vibe Livin on all the socials. Trust me they inspired me as much as their name promises. I am definitely interested in diving deeper into the practice. At least, my Mum is loving it. So, for some positive vibes have a listen here.
  5. Recipe Inspiration: Well, with this one I wish, I was back home in my childhood kitchen. Again, I find myself without an oven or any sort of fancy kitchen equipment, stranded in Hamburg. I cannot even do a smoothie. Sad face. Oh, my. However, I stumbled across this amazing granola that uses nut pulp as a base. This is incredible since I was never quite sure what to do with the almond milk leftovers aside from baking cookies. Hence, I’ve saved the recipe to try it out when I am back home in three months at the latest. You can try it before I do and let me know how you like it, though. Is it worth the wait?

The Edit #14

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