The Edit #15: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

Hey you,

well, first of all, cheers to the 15th version of The Edit. Another cheers to me putting this post up on its scheduled day. Despite having my 21st birthday today, I am determined to get my schedule straight. As for the past week, I completed my first week of the internship that I am currently doing. So far, I am really happy with my choice of company. In fact, it inspires me to push further in life.

Honestly, I am quite sad about the fact that I am completely on my own for my 21st birthday. However, after receiving a wonderful message by my lovely friend Gloria, I tried turning my focus. So now, I simply try to stick with appreciating everything I’ve achieved the past 21 years. This indicates, instead of thinking negatively, I am going to celebrate how far I’ve come already. Hence, I’ll celebrate life with a good class of Bikram Yoga.

As this post is dedicated to The Edit #15, let’s continue with what I’ve compiled for you today.

In today’s The Edit #15: influencer advertisement, digital minimalism, the happy and sad list, the anxiety solution, Tigernut Flour Snack Balls…

  1. Industry News: A failed festival leads to question the way influencers and celebrities decide what they promote. The important takeaway from the insightful article on this topic is that no matter what you are trying to promote it is important to be able to stand up for what you post. Influencers have to be passionate about what they are doing, for their sake and the credibility towards their audience.
  2. Wellness News: The well known Digital Detox just turned into Digital Minimalism. You might wonder what the wellness world means by that and who came up with this new concept? Well, the author Calvin Newport describes it as a system whereby it is allowed to have your phone around but with certain self-made restrictions. These restrictions encompass specific apps, usage times or the simple act of shutting down push notifications. Hence, one doesn’t have to fear to be without connectivity. However, this concept aids to live life without being distracted 24/7.
  3. Favourite Blog Article: I didn’t even have to think twice about this one. Since there was only one post the past week that I immediately turned into action. The article titled How To Feel Happier In An Instant by Geri Hirsch inspired me to create my own happy and sad list. It is a total mindset-changer and there is no weird magic in place. It is a very simple technique that can have a huge impact on one’s life. So, if you want to know how this system works, head over to Because Im Addicted.
  4. Favourite Podcast Episode: This week’s favourite listen is by Laura Thomas PhD and her podcast Don’t Salt My Game. The episode I enjoyed is called The Anxiety Solution with Chloé Brotheridge. It is all about becoming a happier, calmer and more confident you. Have a listen here.
  5. Recipe Inspiration: Have you been using tigernut flour before? I’ve only been using it a couple of times and I still got a whole box left at home. I never really knew how to use it, to be honest. However, I just stumbled across this incredibly delicious Tigernut Flour Snack Ball recipe by Faring Well which solved my problem. Happy snacking!

The Edit #15


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