The Edit #16: What Happened This Week In Fashion & Lifestyle?

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as you possibly noticed, I am still changing up the categories included in The Edit. Something didn’t feel right so far. However, I now think I am closer to what I want The Edit to be than before. Honestly, I have a feeling that I am currently changing the categories up to be more personal. Definitely, something I see as the way to go. I truly want this space to feel personal to you and to me. I hope you enjoy reading through everything that caught my attention in the fashion & lifestyle industry the past week.

In today’s The Edit #16: epiphany of class, antibacterial manuka honey, Yogi Days, self-improvement, six overnight oats variations…

  1. Fashion: I stumbled across this gorgeous look by The Haute Pursuit and I knew I had to share it with you. I think you cannot look more gorgeous. The simple white dress and the greyish heels comprise the epiphany of class. Anyway, we also need to give those sunglasses their moment.
  2. Beauty: A beauty item that just caught my eye is a daily moisturiser by Antipodes. The product is called Vanilla Pod and promises healthier skin. I especially fell for the moisturising benefits of the avocado oil and the antibacterial properties of the manuka honey. I might need to place an order.
  3. Wellness: In this category, I thought I’d give you a short rundown of what I did at the Yogi Days in Hamburg. Yesterday, I committed to a full day of Yoga and meditation. The day started off with a Hara Meditation, followed by Core Yoga, a Prana Flow, an Ayurvedic talk, Feet Up Yoga, a Kundalini Meditation, and ended with a Trust and Ground Flow Session. It was truly a lot. Even though I really enjoyed every minute of it, it was equally exhausting physically and mentally. Honestly, I also feel quite sore today. One can only do so much Yoga, obviously. However, the experience was beautiful. There were so many great teachers present who taught the most wonderful lessons. It truly confirmed my wish to complete a Yoga teacher training as soon as it is possible in regard to timing and cost.
  4. Book/Podcast: I discovered a new podcast. Well, actually I knew about it for quite some time but then I wasn’t too eager to listen since I thought, I wouldn’t enjoy listening to German podcasts as much as to the English ones. However, I was wrong. The podcast Happy, Holy, Confident by Laura Malina Seiler got me addicted and already transformed my life. Surely, I knew some of the things she is talking about already one or the other way. However, I really needed someone to reinforce all the knowledge and put me back on the right mental track to personal success. Hence, if you can understand German and want to engage with self-improvement, I strongly encourage you to have a listen. Honestly, I’ve almost listened to all the available episodes in a timeframe of two weeks. Just saying. It’s that good.
  5. Recipe: Since my current daily lunch situation consistently includes overnight oats jars, I thought it would only be right to share some fitting recipe inspiration with you. In any case, overnight oats are simply the best thing to take away with you for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am so in love with the convenience. Anyhow, I feel like the six overnight oats jar options by Faring Well really do give justice to the creative simplicity of the dish. I will, myself, recreate all of them since I got stuck in a rotation of my favourite options just now.

The Edit #16


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