LA Chic | A Plead To Warmer Weather

Hey you,

this outfit truly reminds me of my time in LA. I bet it stems from the fact that in LA it always felt appropriate to run around in jumpsuits 24/7. Well, here in Germany we are definitely still waiting for the right temperatures. It is only the odd day when the weather gets a bit warmer and the sun shines a bit brighter. Anyway, you can be sure that I’ll use any occasion to unpack my lighter clothes and put on my newly loved Céline sunglasses.

Furthermore, can we please applaud this cool jumpsuit. I am excited about the fact that it looks like a two-piece put into one. You wouldn’t be able to tell, would you? Moreover, I love pairing this chic LA style piece with some heels and my favourite sunglasses. However, during the day for more casual occasions sandals would be equally appropriate.

When you are reading this on Tuesday, the 16th of May, then something really exciting is going to launch tomorrow. A project that comes deeply from my heart. Truly, something I wanted to launch for at least a year by now. I hope you will love it and I wish it will be as inspiring as I aspire it to be. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything runs smooth. Thank you so much.

Jumpsuit/Heels-Zara, Sunglasses-Céline


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