The Lifestyle Memo: Your Weekly Escape | Podcast Trailer

Hey you,

today is the day where I am launching a new and very exciting project. This project has been in my head for over a year already. However, so far, I didn’t feel like having the resources and courage. Well, at some point I released, I simply have to launch into this adventure, even though I haven’t figured out all the details.

As you can already tell by the title of this article, I am launching my very own podcast. Obviously, readers of The Edit are already familiar with my podcast obsession. Hence, it was not all too far fetched to start my own. The podcast I created is called The Lifestyle Memo and will provide you with a weekly escape into a word full of lifestyle related topics. I truly want to have a positive impact on your life and enhance your journey to reach your better self.

There will be one episode per week. As for now, in this week’s trailer, you can learn everything about what will await you in future episodes and what I think of when trying to cover the lifestyle related field.┬áPlease, let me know what you think and share the podcast with your friends. I truly cannot wait to have you back for all the upcoming episodes.

Besides all of these logistics, I simply wanted to tell you how much this whole project means to me. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to record solo episodes as well as conversations. In that, I hope to create a platform to inspire, provide meaningful information, and encourage you to create a life you truly love. I believe that we all are on an incredible journey called life. As for me, I always seek to improve myself on this journey and always strive to better myself. Hence, to achieve that, I am confident that information, concepts and stories of other people’s journeys are the keys to the learning process.

Have a lovely week and enjoy the listen!

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