TLM #01 | Treating Acne & More With Emilia Van Dam

Welcome to the first actual episode. After last week’s trailer launch, I am very excited to present you this first conversation style episode. This week we are having the very first guest on the show. The guest is called Emilia van Dam. She is a skin therapist, creative marketer and blogger. Other than that, it is probably obvious that we are very good friends as well.

Moreover, I believe that Emilia’s knowledge and her incredible personality should be shared. Hence, we are talking about her academic journey, having two jobs, treating acne, skin therapy, toxins in cosmetic products and much more. So, if one of those topics sparks your interest this episode is for you. Lastly, I’ve included all the important links to the things we mentioned down below.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Important Links

Website of Emilia

Instagram of Emilia


Coconut Oil

Lovea Sunscreen

Coola Sunscreen

Goji Berry Chocolate

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