TLM #02 | Why Consider Eating Plant-Based?

Here it is, the second episode of The Lifestyle Memo: Your Weekly Escape. In today’s show, we are talking about my journey to a plant-based diet. I am sharing the whole story around why I am eating plant-based with you. In addition, I am going to touch upon benefits, recommendations and my future outlook in regard to my dietary choices. As per usual, you can find the links to everything mentioned in the podcast episode down below.

Moreover, I feel like this episode is vital to put a framework in place for future episodes to come. Even though future podcast episodes will touch upon a variety of lifestyle-related topics, I believe eating the right diet, tailored to your needs, is a major part of living an amazing life. In the end, I simply hope you can take away something valuable and feel inspired to achieve the best version of yourself.

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Important Links

My Plant-Based Food Story | Video

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell

How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger


What The Health

Food INC.

Forks Over Knives


D3 & K2 (German)

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