Seeking Growth | Frilled Off-Shoulder Blouse

Hey you,

it is almost 10 pm and I find myself in writing mood. Honestly, there are so many topics on my mind but since I work all day, I do not really have the opportunity to bring everything to paper immediately. Hence, some thoughts get lost for a while and found later. Others, get lost forever.

Today, my heart is heavy and light at once since I just came back from a short visit at my family’s home. Some part of me would wish to stay in the comfort of my loved ones all the time. After all, they are the ones knowing me the best and sharing the most love. The walls I grew up in are my safe space. I know that there I can be the me-est me.

However, outside is where I grow and that is why I am once again finding myself miles away from friends and family. There are no safe walls and no soul deep love is shared, yet. Nevertheless, life is exciting. I wouldn’t want to be on any other journey. Meeting new people and visiting new places helps me to evolve. Honestly, that is exactly what I show up for. I seek growth. Adventures, new acquaintances, and opportunities are what I look forward to. This journey I am on definitely sparks the most creative me. Without my hunger for the experience, I wouldn’t be where I am at and I wouldn’t be who I am. In the end, I love the direction my mind is evolving into. I also love wherever life and I will take me.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” -Rumi

To follow me on my latest creative journey, you might want to have a listen to The Lifestyle Memo podcast. It is available on Itunes or can be found in the podcast section of the website. Overall, the podcast is the place where we talk about lifestyle related content to create our higher selves. Please, join in on the conversation. I would love to have you there.

The pictures were taken in the Speicherstadt of Hamburg. I am so in love with the summery look. Blouses, frills, and extra pretty sneakers are definitively what I love to wear. In addition, you might have noticed that I also won’t take off those sunglasses any time soon.

Blouse-Zara, pants-7 For All Mankind, Sneakers-Gucci, Glasses-Céline

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