TLM #07 | Skincare 101

In this week’s TLM #07 I am talking to you about my thoughts on skincare. As per usual, The Lifestyle Memo provides you with your weekly escape into a world of fashion, natural beauty, and wellness. Obviously, according to the name of the podcast, we explore all topics lifestyle related and will embark on a journey towards our highest self. I feel like the topic we are discussing today is of major importance. In addition, I am aware of the fact that still, little people have awareness in this area. However, it is of major importance to talk about what is actually contained in our cosmetic products. In the following episode, I will be introducing you to the subject and give you an insight into some of the ingredients to watch out for. I’ll also talk about my skincare journey and a healthy approach to step up your skincare game. Finally, you can find the links to everything mentioned in the podcast episode down below.

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‘Dirty Dozen’ Cosmetic Chemicals To Avoid

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