The Edit #24: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

I am sitting here complete shocked about the events taking place only a short distance apart from where I am at. My mind simply cannot grasp the idea that some people have the need to destroy a beautiful city. Even their reasoning makes no sense to me. The sole thing I see is the hurt, the damage and the severe consequences this has mentally, physically and financially for so many innocent human beings. I am hoping this will soon have an end here in Hamburg. When you read this post it is Sunday, so naturally, the events should have calmed down by then.

On a lighter note, here is your weekly The Edit #24. Yet again, I am providing you with your weekly dose of inspiration, knowledge and news. Have a read.

In today’s The Edit #24: Natural Beauty, YouTube, You Are The Placebo, Concealer, Vegan Carbonara…

  1. The Read: I always get excited when regular beauty bloggers write about natural beauty brands. Therefore, I simply have to share this article by Harper & Harley with you, in which she shares her thoughts on RMS Beauty products. RMS is truly a brand you should know about. In addition, her editorial photography accompanying the post is purely stunning. On another note, this week’s podcast episode of The Lifestyle Memo is also all about natural skincare. Hence, you might want to check that one out as well.
  2. The Watch: I must say, I am currently somehow uninterested in the content that floods my YouTube feed. I myself am longing to create new content. However, we all have to wait another three weeks until I am back with my equipment. In the meantime, the podcast will have to do for both. In any case, the content that I was previously consuming seems to have changed in daily vlogs and videos featuring products, I am by no means interested in. So, my question to you is, do you have any recommendation on YouTuber’s featuring non-toxic beauty products in a stylish way? I am all ears.
  3. The Listen: This one is major. It is a must listen to in the form of an audiobook or a must read, if you are more into paper books. I am only a couple of hours in but my mind is already blown or exploding because of the insane information included. I am talking about the book You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr Joe Dispenza. This book is about the power of your mind and it already impacted my life immensely. Are we able to heal through thought alone? This is the question that the book tries to answer.
  4. The Must Buy: I continue to be on the lookout for a really good all natural concealer. However, I cannot seem to find one exactly to my liking. Any ideas or recommendations? In any case, I am about to repurchase the RMS Un-Cover Up Concealer which I’ve been using a year or so ago. It is indeed great but I could wish for a slightly higher coverage. Especially for picture taking days. For now, it’s on my shopping list.
  5. The Recipe: I am currently very much into everything involving pasta. Therefore it appears only logic to share a recipe with you that I am going to try out anytime soon when I am back in a proper kitchen. These days my pasta dishes almost always involve a vegetable like zucchini, beetroot, broccoli or kale and a sauce made out of coco aminos and tahini. Yes, that simple. Now to the fancier version that is on my to-do list. It’s a Vegan Butternut Squash Carbonara with Coconut Bacon + Crispy Sage. Doesn’t this sound mouth watering.

The Edit #24

(Sources: Harper & Harley, Izy Hossack, RMS Beauty)




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