The Edit #28: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

Enjoy this week’s The Edit #28. Grab your iced matcha, take a chair outside and enjoy the summer whilst recapping the past week and getting informed on everything lifestyle related.

In today’s The Edit #28: Creativity, Dirty Dancing, Kurt Schneider, Current Favourites, Veggie, The First Mess…

  1. The Read: I stumbled across this interesting article on creativity and I knew I had to share it with you right away. The article focuses on whether creativity can be learned or if it is something that is already present. In addition, the question is asked if creativity alone is enough. Do have an idea where the article is headed? I suggest you have a read. I found the outcome to be very interesting and equally encouraging.
  2. The Watch: The past Friday night I simply had to rewatch Dirty Dancing with my family. I’ve seen the movie countless times but it never seems to get old. I can only highly recommend the cult classic if you haven’t seen it. Moreover, Dirty Dancing definitely makes you dream about dancing and cute guys. In addition, this movie truly goes well with a pampering night on a Friday.
  3. The Listen: A song that just made it onto my Apple Music playlist is called Praying and it is a cover by the gifted Kurt Schneider. I’ve been listening to his covers for years now and he always manages to amaze me from a new. Have a listen here.
  4. The Must Buy: I’ve got all the must-buys collected for you in my new Current Favourites video which went live on YouTube today. Have a watch here and find out what needs to be added to your home very soon.
  5. The Recipe: We had the Super Savoury Veggie, Hemp and Millet Nuggets by The First Mess for dinner today. Let me just tell you they taste incredible and the sauce that goes with them is pure bliss. Hence, this recipe definitely needs to go onto your to-do list.

(Sources: Quartz, The First Mess)



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