How To Create A Fruit Free Smoothie Bowl

You might have noticed my love for fruit free smoothie bowls over on Instagram. I was initially searching for an alternative to my banana based smoothie bowls since I discovered that I’ve got to be careful with histamine heavy foods. In addition, I noticed my skin returning to its very clear state after cutting down on those delicious bananas. Hence, after a year of blaming my skin’s issues on products, I’ve found the culprit. Save to say, I am glad to eat fewer bananas and more veggies. Especially, when they taste equally as good and make me feel even more amazing.

The Benefits

I’ve already touched up on this in the introduction. It is possible that some of us do not tolerate too much fruit too well. This can either lead to digestive issues or might show in the skin. The benefit of a fruit free smoothie or smoothie bowl is therefore huge since it provides you with all the important nutrients and enough fibre to keep your digestive system healthy. Additionally, vegetables and healthy fats tend to keep you full for longer.

Another amazing benefit is the lower sugar content. Sugar in form of healthy carbohydrates is by no means bad and can be consumed without a doubt. However, the sugar content of a fruit smoothie can easily climb up to 50g per serving which might not be an issue for most of us but for others it definitely is. For those not tolerating the sugar load, a smoothie with balanced carbohydrates, fats and proteins is much more beneficial. It might show as improvements in the skin, digestive system or through more stable energy levels and fewer food cravings.

The Base

I like to use certain vegetables to create my fruit free smoothies. Well, technically they are not fruit free since they regularly contain avocado and from time to time I put one date in there as well to sweeten things a bit. However, in my opinion, avocado counts more as a healthy fat and less as a fruit based on its nutrient profile. Besides my beloved avocado, I also like to add in zucchini, cauliflower, sweet potato, greens, cucumber, broccoli and beets. Obviously, I’ve got my favourite combinations that go very well together. However, I must say zucchini, cauliflower and sweet potato work the best since they have a neutral to sweet taste when added to the smoothie mix. Avocado and sweet potato are also obviously the ones that work best for that required creaminess.

The Liquid

To create the perfect smoothie bowl texture, adding liquid is definitely non-negotiable. Occasionally, I like to add water or rice-coconut milk. Sometimes, I also add coconut yoghurt for more healthy fats and some gut friendly probiotics. In the end, my favourite is almond milk for extra creaminess and a marzipan taste.

The Enhancers

My foodie life wouldn’t be complete without those powders and potions that I love so much. I truly feel like the happiest kid mixing and matching my favourite powders. Equally, adding them to smoothies is just pure bliss. In the end, those powders are not only fun to play with but also very beneficial when used right. Hence, I love to add my super clean protein powders, adaptogens, and spices to not only elevate the taste to a whole new level but also to seek the benefits of those products.

Obviously, protein powder is a good one to use for texture and flavour but it is also quite a nice addition to balance out the nutrients of the smoothie bowl. Adaptogens are great for those of us suffering from certain conditions, allergies and inflammation. My current favourites are Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Ginseng, Pine Pollen, Maca and Astragalus. If you want to learn more about those, let me know and I’ll share with you what I use them for myself. In regard to spices, I simply love adding cinnamon and vanilla. They always seem to enhance the taste of the fruit free smoothie that tiny bit more.

To round this up, don’t forget about the topping. At least for me, the crunchy add-ons are crucial in my smoothie bowl relationship. Lastly, for recipe inspiration head over to my Instagram where I regularly share my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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