Last Days Of Summer | The Unexpected Dress

Yesterday, I arrived in Milan. This also means getting back into a routine of blogging, studying and getting accustomed to a new country and city. At least for the next four months, that is. However, on you’ll get to see all the content I produced over the summer before we will move on to Milan and the autumnal season. Perhaps, I will be able to experience a beautiful late summer time as well. Today does not look too pretty, though. It has been raining and storming all day long.

My summer had been filled with unexpected weather conditions. Some sun here, some rain there. Therefore, I always felt appropriately dressed in dresses that combined longer sleeves with shorter hemlines. Hence, I fell in love with this particular shirt dress by Zara. How incredibly beautiful is the waist? I truly adore the tied optic of the dress. The outfit gives the appearance of a shirt and some skirt like wrap-around. How sophisticated!

In addition, I really enjoy wearing this classic baby blue colour. It works so well with my favourite summer lipstick colour in light red by Kjaer Weis and my golden and baby pink hued sandals by Tkees.

What is your go to outfit in the case of moody summer days?

Dress-Zara, Sandals-Tkees

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