The Edit #31: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great start to the new week. Again, I’ve made sure that you’ll have plenty to talk about. Have a read, watch and listen.

In today’s The Edit #31: staged Instagram feeds, looking expensive on a budget, The Debrief Podcast, casual wear, tiramisu…

  1. The Read: This week I stumbled across the most interesting article. Sadly, it is in German, so not every single one of you will be able to read it. However, it really goes in line with some thoughts that I recently started to have. If we translate the title of the article, it says that Instagram predicts the end of perfectly staged accounts. That this prognosis comes from Instagram does indeed surprise me since I’ve noticed the most growth particularly in those stages cotton candy accounts. However, I’ve also started to unfollow some of those because all their pictures look the same. In addition, it is so obvious that the pictures are photo-shopped to the max. The birds perfectly lined up in the background and no people around. Who encounters such sceneries on a daily basis? No one, really. Well, obviously, we all know that and I am aware that it is a form of art. That is also how I see my content. Art. Nevertheless, everyone doing the same is just too much copying which quickly gets boring.
  2. The Watch: Don’t we all want to look expensive on a budget? I guess so. I’ve even published a whole podcast episode talking about Fashion & Consumerism a while ago. In this episode, I further addressed the particular topic of looking expensive on a budget. In addition, I gave an insight on my tactics when it comes to shopping. On the same note, Jenny Mustard created a beautifully edited video with more insightful tips on the matter. Have a watch. I was definitely, once again, inspired by her sleek minimalist looks.
  3. The Listen: I’ve found a whole new podcast show for you to check out. It was about time that I present you with something new in this area. I mean, I am still head over heels in love with my favourite shows. However, I am here to surprise you with something new every now and then. Hence, you might want to tune into The Debrief Podcast. The podcast is by Stevie and Tessa. To say the least, the two girls will take you on a hilarious journey whilst learning to navigate life.
  4. The Must Buy: It’s getting chilly outside. Well, to be honest, Milan is still pretty warm. However, I can sense a change in the autumn season. So, I went out and bought a new cosy home and sleepwear set by Oysho. I am so happy to have this brand around here. We are truly missing an affordable lingerie and home clothing store in Germany. Are you in need for some new casual wear too? You can shop it online, here.
  5. The Recipe: Yesterday, I enjoyed the most incredibly tasty tiramisu. Honestly, I think it was the best, I’ve ever tasted. Well, I didn’t create it myself but enjoyed it at Mantra Raw Café in Milan. However, I’ve picked out an amazing recipe for you to do it yourself. I am sure, I will recreate it as well when the colder season comes around.

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