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I am incredibly excited to present you this article and product review today. Namari Skin is a beauty company that encompasses everything I value when it comes to skincare. The focus of the brand is the creation of the purest, most natural as well as luxurious beauty products. Furthermore, I am highly attracted to Namari Skin’s approach to the act of caring for your skin. The company values the beauty ritual and highlights the importance of wellness. For me Namari Skin is not only a company, it is an experience. Believe me, when I say that it changed my daily skincare ritual by making the experience feel more luxurious. Most importantly, it is possible to notice the difference in my skin. The products that I was able to try showed only love to my sensitive face.

I’ve been trying the whole range of products by Namari Skin in sample sizes and fell in love with every single creation. However, I’ve been mainly using two products by Namari Skin. Therefore, the focus of this article will be on the cleanser called KOKON and the facial mist called TAU.

I also want to mention that the products are made in Switzerland in cooperation with local traders of natural resources. Hence, the natural resources carry the standards of organic production and wild harvesting. Most importantly, the potions are created by hand and with much love for each individual product. Finally, and probably by now very obvious, the products are free of questionable ingredients. Therefore, the skincare range can be classified as non-toxic and perfectly suitable for the human skin. Interestingly, the products also do not contain any filler ingredients like water, neutral oils, waxes and emulsifiers. I am amazed.

“Taking into account the environment, quality, sensuality and natural efficacy, I do everything I can to develop products that meet my expectations not only as a natural cosmetician but also as a wife and mother in private everyday life.“  –  Nadine Ammari

Suggested Usage

KOKON can be applied as a mask or used as a cleanser. I’ve been mainly using it as a cleanser and have done so for over two months now. For the best result, I simply take some of the product into my hands and mix it with some water to create a cream-like consistency. Next, I apply the mix to my face and massage it in. I think it is important to mention that I use KOKON as a second cleanse after taking off my makeup with coconut oil. Hence, this allows my skin to really benefit from the highly valuable ingredients of the cleanser. Finally, one simply takes off the cleanser with warm water. In the case, you want to use KOKON as a mask, it is suggested to apply the product without the additional water to your skin and leave it there for some time.

The facial mist TAU is perfect for added moisture after the facial cleansing process. Furthermore, it can be used to set your makeup or just to refresh your skin. I’ve actually been enjoying all of the three usage suggestions. TAU just so wonderfully refreshes my face and its scent provides an aura of wellness and luxury just like KOKON does. The scents are truly divine.

The Result

KOKON’s mix of raw cashew nuts, organic plant-oils and essence of Peru balm, create a luxurious cleansing ritual for the skin. The product is nurturing the skin and offers protection to the sensitive organ. The cleansing ritual is simply made to leave behind a soft and well-cared-for appearance. My skin feels so healthy after each and every use. In addition, I do not want to neglect the fact that the cleansing ritual also contributes to soothing my mind and creates a higher level of wellbeing.

Similarly, TAU moisturizes my skin and creates a healthy glow that seems to appear from the inside out. The promising ingredients of this specific product are the juice of Aloe Vera, concentrated plant-extracts and aromatic herbal oils. These ingredients do not only create the delicious and luxurious scent of the product. However, they equally contribute to the nurturing process of the skin.

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  1. October 1, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    These pictures are truly amazing, you look stunning! The products sound really great. I love the idea of skin care that is super natural as well as luxurious. Also, I just checked their website and found out they’re vegan and cruelty free too, which makes it even better. <3

    • Carina
      October 1, 2017 / 2:19 pm

      Thank you so very much!! <3 Yees, they are as natural and kind as one could possibly be. You'll have to smell & try the cleanser when we see each other xx

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