The Edit #32: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

Happy Sunday! Did you miss last week’s The Edit? Well, obviously I did not plan ahead. Hence, in-between University and Milan Fashion Week I didn’t find the time to create the weekly article. However, to make it up to you guys, I created a whole podcast episode that you can listen to, telling you all about my weekend.

For example, on Sunday when The Edit should have been published, I went to this amazing event at TB Milano Showroom. The event basically presented very new and upcoming designers. My favourite designer of them all was clearly Karim Adduchi. Seriously, this guy is amazing. He designs clothing that is much more art than fashion but then again fashion is art. Anyhow, one is also able to find creations of the Morrocain designer in Dutch exhibitions in Amsterdam. Moreover, the people I met at the event were the most inspiring and truly left me knowing that I am going into the right direction in regard to my passions. To find out more about the other presentations I attended during Milan Fashion Week, you will have to listen to the latest podcast episode.

I hope you are having a great start to the new week. Again, I’ve made sure that you’ll have plenty to talk about.

In today’s The Edit #32: beauty trends, Winonah, The Influencer Podcast, grey denim jeans, #bowlsbycarinajung…

  1. The Read: Since we talked about all the fashion trends spotted during the Fashion month so far, I thought it is about time to give notice to the beauty trends as well. Interested to learn about the three key beauty trends spotted at Milan Fashion WeekI am genuinely intrigued by how they will translate to of the runway settings.
  2. The Watch: In line with the Milan Fashion Weeks I attended, I simply had to plug the video I am featured in since I was present at the covered event. The video is by the brand Winonah and I must confess that it was my favourite event to attend. Winonah is simply an incredible creator and her promotional video captures her amazingness so very well. Have a watch here and let me know if you can spot me.
  3. The Listen: This one is for all those blogging babes amongst us. About a week ago, I discovered the incredibly insightful podcast called The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon. The podcast covers everything one needs to know as an influencer and provides you with a great variety of tips and tricks to grow your online presence. Julie comes with a lot of knowledge out of the marketing department and provides an insight, including actual value.
  4. The Must Buy: Can I just insert here how obsessed I am with my newest grey denim jeans that I’ve been also wearing to attend Fashion Week. Well, the incredibly cool jeans are by Citizens Of Humanity who are definitely my favourite denim brand by far. I’d highly suggest you get a pair.
  5. The Recipe: This one is going to be a shameless self-promoting plug. Hence, you can get my currently favourite veggie loaded smoothie bowl right into your inbox by signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page or through the pop-up window. Read about the benefits of low sugar smoothie bowls here. You won’t get more than one email per week, I promise. In addition, I make it my mission to provide you with only the best additional content. By the way, you can find all my recent smoothie bowl creations when you search for #bowlsbycarinajung on Instagram. Hence, if you get inspired by my bowls please let me know by adding the hashtag to your creation. I would love to see a veggie smoothie bowl movement.

The Edit #32

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