A Change In Season & A New Point In Focus

Let me start off by telling you that this has been in progress for several weeks now. It might even add up to several months. Essentially, I was searching for the focus. I always intended to put out a clear message when it came to CarinaJung.com. However, somehow I found myself dabbling in different waters again and again. The reasons for this are easy to identify, I am young and in a formative phase, we humans change on a constant basis, or at least that’s what I believe and find interesting, I have varying interests and sometimes with all the noise it can be difficult to stay focused on your own path.

In the past week, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. One might ask why now and I can definitely attribute my own thought process to me staying in Milan, to my Milan Fashion Week experience, to the Fashion Management course I am currently enrolled in at University and to the people, I am surrounded by. Finally, I’ve found the connection that I was searching for the entire time.

You might be interested in the outcome and what it means for this space. So, let me share it with you. Essentially, I want to keep the aspects of fashion, non-toxic beauty, and wellness. However, I’ve now figured out how they tie in together. Obviously, this is for the moment being. Let’s not talk about the years ahead. Hence, I figured that fashion is my greatest passion. It is essentially what I love to be involved in the most. It is the area I want to work in, the area I want to learn more about and the area I want to share my view on. Now I want to tell you where the aspects of non-toxic beauty and wellness tie into this trilogy.

Out of my experience, I am of the opinion that girls working on becoming a businesswoman, women already in business, and obviously people involved in the fashion industry, should not have to feel miserable due to a lack of self-care, shouldn’t feel burned out and first and foremost should feel good in the clothes they are wearing. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to think about the aspects of beauty and wellness and incorporate them into your daily life. Hence, in addition to my love for fashion, I am striving for beautiful skin and a healthy and fit body and mind. How should one be able to achieve anything in life when you don’t feel good? After all, only humans that feel good from the inside out achieve to have this special aura that they carry around which draws in people and gets you further towards your goals.

You might be wondering why I am telling you all of this. Well, first of all, I want you to be part of this space. I strive to make this a place where you can find valuable information to achieve exactly what I’ve described just now. And second of all, me sharing my thought process hopefully helps you to find your own focus.

In line with all I’ve just shared with you, please let me know, if you’ve got any specific subjects you want me to talk about in the future. What can you expect from now on? Regular outfits, styling tips, fashion business insights, trend reports, quick and healthy meal ideas for us busy women, quick workout inspiration, a dose of mindfulness to get you through a busy day and lots more.

Fashion girl with an affinity for non-toxic beauty & wellness.

Creating the ultimate lifestyle for sophisticated women.

On a completely unrelated note, these pictures were taken on the Isle of Sylt. I’ve linked the outfit details below. Since I am confident that the outfit is very suitable to carry us from late summer into the autumn season. Lastly, how gorgeous are those bell sleeves? I can only highly recommend you to get your hands on an autumn / winter item that continues the trend.

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