How To Achieve The Glossiest Eye Look

I feel like this is a makeup look that is always on trend. Glossy eye makeup is especially present on the runway. I would guess since it looks really natural and timeless. In addition, it catches the light beautifully which can be pretty important for catwalk shows. After all, everybody wants the models to look young and fresh.

Anyhow, this glossy eye look can obviously also be achieved for daily life. Seriously, the best part about it is that it takes the least amount of time to create the look. To be honest, I was always a bit sceptic about cream eyeshadows. However, after discovering the beautiful RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polishes, I was intrigued. Especially, because they seem to have the most beautiful colour selection.


Well, first of all, I was drawn to a specific colour the moment I discovered the RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polishes. The colour is called Seduce and I would describe it as this sensual earthy brown shade. The way it applies to your eye somehow gives the impression of a total eye makeup look with a defined crease and a carefully applied mix of several shades. I think it has something to do with the glossiness of the eyeshadow that creates the illusion of different hues unfolding on the eyelid. Anyhow, I love how the Cream Eye Polish creates this very sheer but refined metallic glow, adding a subtle but glossy effect, creating a timeless finish.

As you will probably know from reading previous beauty related articles on here RMS Beauty is an all natural brand. They don’t test on animals, do not contain GMOs or any other harmful ingredients. So, basically, the product is based on coconut oil and beeswax. Therefore, the RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polish doubles as an eye cream to additionally nourish and moisturise the eyelid.


I figured in order to get the best result, it is important to have dry eyelids. So, either you don’t moisturise them at all before the application of the RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polish or I would suggest using the ‘Un’-Powder by RMS Beauty (or any other mattifying face powder) to prepare the eyelid for the cream eyeshadow application. I like to apply the eyeshadow sparingly with my fingers to create the most beautiful look. Can you guess, how long it takes to create the glossiest eye look? Well, let me tell you it takes a matter of seconds to achieve the very minimal but very on brand appearance.

Glossiest Eye Look

Glossiest Eye Look

Glossiest Eye Look

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