The Edit #33: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

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In today’s The Edit #33: Break From Investors, Burberry September 2017 Runway Show, 3 Critical Rules of Branding, The Check Blazer, Baked Sweet Potato…

  1. The Read: When I read the headline “Citizens of Humanity Reclaims Independence In Break From Investors”, my attention was immediately caught. After all, in the current fashion world system, the trend seems to go more towards conglomerates, licensing, and big investors situated in the background. So, for most parts when one investor period comes to an end another one takes over. In the case, of Citizens of Humanity, the firm underwent a buyout and reclaimed financial ownership of the brand. As I am currently taking my first Fashion Management course, these scenarios get me more and more curious. Have a read, if you are interested in the business of fashion as well.
  2. The Watch: Let’s have a chat about the Burberry September 2017 Runway Show. Just to give you a little insight, Burberry is in a different fashion cycle than most fashion companies. Hence, the outfits that were shown on the runway where immediately available to buy for the autumn/winter 2017 season. Well, that’s just a side note. I actually wanted to talk about what was shown on the runway in particular. In all honesty, I was slightly confused by this outturn. The last show that we were able to see in spring was all about these clean-cut items, lots of muted colours and the least amount of Burberry pattern. This time the viewer got surprised with the complete opposite. Lots of Burberry check and items that almost remind you of the struggle that Burberry went through some years ago when lots of imitation was happening. So, now they focused mostly on the creation of those items that are easily replicable. Surely, in the store, you can find lots of desirable products. However, I am curious about your thoughts on this state change.
  3. The Listen: Up for some great and slightly unusual advice on branding? I loved listening to Tim Ferris newest podcast episode on The 3 Critical Rules of Branding. In all honesty, I think, I might have learned more in the 35 minutes than I did in some of the classes I’ve been recently attending at University. In my opinion, there is nothing better than digesting hands-on information.
  4. The Must Buy: I don’t want to let you wait for much longer. I might do a trend report on this. Just to make sure you don’t miss the bandwagon. Go get yourself a checked blazer. It is definitely the number one item to not go without this autumn/winter season. By the way, Zara got you covered. They make it possible to find the right fit and price category for each individual, thanks to their big selection. I might have picked one up myself.
  5. The Recipe: I mean Minimalist Baker is a treasury of plant-based recipes anyway. However, being busy with life outside of the kitchen, I like to pick from the quickest recipes possible. I mean, I simply don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen each and every day. Surely, I have those days, where baking and cooking is my therapy and I could do it for hours on end but for the most part, I like the food preparing process to be quick and easy. I know this recipe suggestion does not require a recipe at all. To be honest, I don’t use one for the most part. Let me just say, I put sweet potatoes in the oven whilst working out and when I am done, they are ready to eat as well. Anyhow, if you are still unsure how to bake sweet potatoes and what to top them with, Minimalist Baker got you covered.

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