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We officially made it to the first outfit shot in Milano. Therefore, we finally wrapped up all the articles with images that were produced in Sylt. I sincerely hope you enjoyed those. Nevertheless, we are not leaving behind summer just yet. Honestly, I am kind of looking forward to the slightly colder temperatures, just for the sake of wearing my newest autumnal wardrobe additions. Stay tuned. However, Milano decided to keep the temperature up. I still cannot believe the fact that during the weekend, we will once again reach around 26 degrees Celcius. Well, like I mentioned before, I’ve never experienced such a warm autumn season. I am not complaining, though.

I am only sharing this information in order to let you know that I am not able to produce autumn/winter looks quite yet. Otherwise, I would be melting outside. So, for now, enjoy some more late summer looks while they last.

The look portrayed below captures one of my favourites dresses of the past summer season. The dress is by COS one of my all-time favourite high street brands. I love the two-toned combination and the uniqueness of its cut. I feel like the dress definitely adds to my favourite category of simple but special pieces. The dress just has this special something added that instantly elevates an entire look and makes it appear oh so chic.

By the way, you might have already noticed that I’ve made it easier for you to shop my looks. Hence, you can either select the pieces I am wearing or similar ones down below or you can screenshot some of the outfits on Instagram to shop them directly via LikeToKnowIt. I feel lucky to be able to work with RewardStyle in this regard. Just to let you know, if you shop through the links I provide, I might get a small fee when you initiate a purchase. However, there won’t be any additional cost for you. So, thank you so much, in case you are loving one of my looks.

Anyhow, what are your thoughts on the dress? And what has been your favourite easy-to-pull-off summer dress?

Two-toned dress

(Photography: Lucabrando Sanfilippo)

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