The Edit #36: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

In today’s The Edit #36: Gucci, H&M x Erdem, The Business of Fashion Podcast, Over-The-Knee Boots, Cinnamon Veggies with Coconut Yoghurt…

  1. The Read: Is Gucci moving towards enhanced vertical integration? The luxury brand is catching up with the fact that the supply chain is as important as the design. Interested to learn more about Gucci’s newest ventures. Have a read here and learn about the facts that make Gucci so successful.
  2. The Watch: I am not the most avid H&M customer. However, when I saw the H&M x Erdem advertisement, I fell in love with the beautifully filmed piece of art. Hence, if you haven’t watched the mini film yet, I can only highly recommend it. Especially, if you are into the creation of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing content.
  3. The Listen: There is a new podcast on the horizon that might as well be called one of my favourites. The Business of Fashion launched their very own podcast. The episodes are comprised of talks held at their previous conferences. Content-wise these interviews are pure gold for the fashion and business lover.
  4. The Must Buy: I might or might not have been looking out for my very own pair of over-the-knee boots for a while now. Honestly, I think, I wanted to buy a pair for years. Well, I finally found a pair that is pretty, well-made, and appropriate for everyday use. In addition, I love that the pair I found is also budget-friendly since I don’t know yet how much use I will get out of this type of shoe. Overall, I am in love and cannot wait to style outfits with it.
  5. The Recipe: Scrolling through Instagram, I saw this delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner idea, comprised of veggies and coconut yoghurt. Well, what you do is, you roast your sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots with an added dash of cinnamon and serve it with a good amount of coconut yoghurt. It’s as simple as that.

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