The Edit #38: Your Weekly Lifestyle Editorial

In today’s The Edit #38: Fashion Wakes Up To Podcast, Diana Vreeland, Taylor Swift, Grain Free Pancakes, Winter Lipstick Colour…

  1. The Read: As you know from previous issues of The Edit, I am a huge addict when it comes to podcasts. There is also a super fun project on the topic happening in the new year. Anyhow, equally as interesting is the fact that Fashion Wakes Up To Podcast as well. At least that is what my favourite fashion business source BoF is reporting on. After all, if you are interested in why the fashion industry is just starting to embrace the podcasting field, you might want to read the article. An important takeaway that I’ve picked up is the facts that it is difficult to convert the visual magic of fashion into audio. However, there is potential for this space since it could provide an opportunity to grab someone’s attention despite the overcrowded imagery on other platforms.
  2. The Watch: A couple of months ago I got the recommendation to watch the documentary Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel. Since I almost never seem to watch movies, series or documentaries, I only got around to do so the past week. Oh well, this documentary is highly recommended. Diana Vreeland was a truly inspirational woman. Hence, if you are into fashion, entrepreneurship, feminism and the visual – this one is a must watch. Additionally, I learned so many insides based on the magazine, fashion and arts industry. It is definitely a documentary that makes you dream big.
  3. The Listen: I am obsessed. As always I was super sceptical about the new music that Taylor Swift put out into this world. However, typically you listen to the new songs by the most talented woman, you are not sure if you like them, you listen some more and you fall in love. Yes, I cannot stop listening. I think my favourite song so far of her new album Reputation is the song Gorgeous. It truly stuck in my head. The only sad thing is that the entire album isn’t available in Apple Music just yet. Well, I guess, I simply need to be patient until it drops.
  4. The Must Buy: I am in need of a winter lipstick! I’ve got exactly two lipsticks. Do you believe me when I say that? I own a classic red and a summery light red. So, now I am looking for a more berryish colour. I’ve got my eyes on the Kjaer Weis lipstick in the colour Believe. I might need to put in my order. What colour are you going for these days?
  5. The Recipe: I am currently eating a quite small amount of grains on a daily basis. Mostly because I feel better with a protein and fat heavy diet these days. This might change anytime soon but for now, it provides me with the highest levels of energy. Often, my only meal incorporating grains is dinner. Hence, I am pretty excited about this new recipe posted by @leefromamerica. She published a plant-based apple cinnamon grain-free pancake recipe. They look delicious and I cannot wait to try them. Let me know if you are trying them as well.

(Image Sources: BoF, Image, Content Beauty, @leefromamerica)


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