Modern Princess | Combining Fabrics

The festive season is fast approaching. However, since we are still somewhere in-between seasons, I get excited by the idea of combining festive pieces with casual ones. It is all about finding the right combination of shapes and fabrics. Hence, I love wearing my kaki princess-skirt with a cosy grey sweater. This outfit provides you with all the reasons to twirl around in and feel outright happy. I mean, you can easily throw this outfit on for any celebration that is coming up during the festive season. The fabric of the skirt is very much comparable to a silky texture and the cashmere knitwear gives a beautiful contrast in shape and feel. I also think that kaki is definitely a colour of the season and works perfectly with the grey of the knitwear. I associate this beautiful mix of fabrics and the feeling I have wearing this look with being dressed like a modern princess. By the way, don’t forget to put on your sneakers to complete your appearance.

The images were taken at Prada Foundation. The Foundation might just have turned into one of my favourite physical spaces. Prada truly managed to gather the most beautiful architecture in one place. I am especially in love with their golden tower and the mirror walls gracing another building. In addition, Prada Foundation perfectly manages to mirror my combination of shapes and fabrics. I’ve never really put much thought towards foundations. However, after getting to know this beautiful space and having conversations about the initiative with my incredible friend, I got more interested in the provision of such spaces.

A foundation, like the Prada Foundation, is an initiative by bigger companies to build a place to gather, for example, arts and culture. Additionally, the funding of these sorts of initiatives helps especially fashion companies to pay fewer taxes than they would without having a foundation. Instead, they allocate an even larger sum of money to support the foundation’s purpose. Hence, in the end, they have even more expenses. In this case, though, they choose where the money is going.

Most importantly, however, foundations, focused on arts and culture, take over a job that the government tends to allocate financial resources to, last. On the one hand, this makes sense when thinking about the government’s function since education and other issues are also in need of financial resources. On the other hand, having learned about the impact of art on society, it is great to see private companies to take over the financing and development of the art sector. After all, fashion is an art form. Hence, the art portrayed at those foundations goes in line with the crafting and design of fashion pieces. Overall, I certainly greatly appreciate those spaces and they definitely provide me with inspiration for the work I do myself.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind moving into the golden tower for sure. I must say, though, that the other buildings definitely have their own charm as well. Most buildings are looking as pretty as the building in the visuals below. All the architecture combined is definitely contributing to the most beautiful space. Hence, if you happen to stay in Milan, the Prada Foundation is definitely a place that has to be visited.

Getting back to being a modern princess, she might like dressing in pretty clothes, including skirts and knitwear pieces. However, she equally embraces knowledge and business. She understands the power of learning and working. The modern princess simply likes creating a sophisticated lifestyle. Most importantly, she is aware of the importance of creating value tying back to the function of a foundation.


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