The Impact Of Dressing Yourself | A Little Black Dress

Have you ever thought about the impact of dressing yourself? Obviously, we all have experienced this countless of times. The outfit we put on directly correlates with our mood. It is not only our mood that is influenced by the effect but also our confidence, how we feel, and what message we send out to the people surrounding us. Therefore, I feel like it is time to talk about the power of dressing and the language fashion speaks. Usually, you find me talking about how the right beauty products, a healthy diet and fitness impact our appearance. I regularly stress those factors since I believe they influence how we feel in our clothes and in general daily life.

This time, I purely want to focus on the fashion aspect, though. Let me tell you a little story from a couple of weeks ago. On a Sunday, I was walking around in workout tights and a cashmere sweater. Whilst this attire definitely made me feel comfortable and reminded me to work out in the evening, it presented me with a sharp contrast to the Monday that followed. This particular day, I decided to dress in my newest black dress. I would describe my style as a mix of chic and casual but mostly modern and timeless pieces. Hence, from the outside, no one would have noticed any difference regarding my usual wardrobe. Getting positive feedback from my friends on my dress also did not count since this is something a gratefully experience ever so often.

Well, where is the difference now? It is a very subtle and internal shift that is going on whilst we feel extra comfortable and well dressed. Wearing pieces that make you feel extra pretty might change your entire day. It makes you perceive everything that happens during that day through a different and more confident as well as positive lense. In addition, comfortable dressing up lets you write a completely different story for that particular day.

Thinking about this process makes me realise why I put so much importance on fashion. Fashion for me is not only for the sake of spending money and having something to wear. It is really special what you dress your body with. The process creates and shapes you. Fashion influences humans and people are clearly missing something if not dressed in fashion pieces.

To finish the story of my experience with wearing my newest black dress, I need to say that this day I had the most impactful conversations, felt even more empowered and perceived interactions and outcomes with the people surrounding me in a more positively intense way. You might just want to try it for yourself by being mindful during the process of dressing your body. You have to believe me when I say that it will change your day. Be aware, there is no going back. Once you felt the impact, you might want to mindfully dress your body most days.

Just to touch upon what I am actually wearing. The beautiful black dress is by COS. I especially love the fact that it is two-toned. Hence, it has this beautiful blue inner lining. I combined the dress with black tights, Acne Studios-like boots and my very much loved Céline Trio Bag. The outfit is made to take you from daytime through the night.



  1. December 27, 2017 / 1:02 am

    Loving the idea of dressing with intention. I haven’t had a solid LBD in a while, I think I need to invest in one!

    • Carina
      December 27, 2017 / 3:06 pm

      You definitely need one! xx

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