Christmas Thoughts

The Christmas month has always been special to me. Starting December my mother dressed us in aprons and presented us with homemade cookie dough to cut out the buttery cookies. I think my favourite part must have been to snack the raw dough and put the sprinkles onto the cut-out cookies. Regular hot chocolates and warm apple juice are also rituals that I never wanted to miss.

When it comes to Christmas Eve, I loved being all dressed up and welcoming my grandparents into my family home. When I was younger we used to go to church before starting with the Christmas dinner. I can still remember the year when it was my turn to take part in the Christmas play.

Growing up I was convinced that Father Christmas did indeed exist. My parents made sure to send us children into a separate room when it was time for the presents to arrive. As soon as Father Christmas left, my parents rang a bell. Afterwards, we were allowed to have a peek at the presents that Father Christmas left for us. I remember that we had to play musical instruments and quote poems before we were allowed to unwrap what was soon to be ours. Father Christmas was always good to us. And still is. Thinking back, I must say there was some confusion in-between Father Christmas and Santa Claus. Luckily, I didn’t question the fact that there were to gift givers involved when I was really young. It was just too beautiful to believe in the magic of it all.

Well, today I still believe in magic. It might not be Father Christmas that drops by or Santa Claus. However, this doesn’t mean that this world cannot be a magical place. I like to think that Christmas is there to set a reminder to continue to believe in the good of this world, the happiness, the love and care.

Today, for me Christmas is about getting back together with my family. Sharing valuable days with my loved ones after being apart for most of the year is the best way to celebrate. I simply love the attention given to everyone around and the love that is shared. Presents surely aren’t as important any longer, compared to when I was little. The time itself is the most valuable part. Therefore, I am always eager to create a beautiful atmosphere with understanding for each individual.

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be one or the other family quarrel going on. However, for the most part, the focus is on having a lovely time, with good food and laughter. I am still very keen on dressing up for Christmas Eve. I think being a fashion lover, this ritual might even be one of my favourites that stuck with me. In the end, looking back on Christmases, I like to remember them as beautiful days.

The outfit is shot in Milan. I am wearing a COS Jumper and Mango over the knee boots. I especially love the effect of the red lipstick bringing a pop of colour to the very grey outfit. You will definitely be seeing me wearing this dress during the days following Christmas Eve. Comfortable, warm and yet chic. This is how I like it.


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