Questions and Resolutions I Will Be Carrying Into 2018

Reflecting on 2017, I feel like I’ve tried my best to truly live in the moment. Yet, I am aware that the year passed way too fast. There have been so many shifts in my personal life. Hence, a lot of doors have opened themselves up, I grew into yet another more mature and experienced version of myself and had a lot of personal firsts in regards to life.

You might have followed me around whilst I was studying, doing my internship, and going on exchange to Milan. I’ve been to Milan Fashion Week and basically travelled all over Europe in passing. Did I fulfil the resolutions for the past year? Oh well, to be honest, I am not big on setting resolutions for a new year. I rather do it as I go. My mind ever-changing, my self ever-improving.

Anyway, looking back on 2017, I’ve definitely achieved many things that I am very proud of and that very much define my future. The blog has progressed and my study career also leads in the direction I so want to head. Curious about the details? I guess you have to be patient and follow along.

As for the new year’s resolutions in regard to 2018, I will continue to work on myself to become the best version possible, and I am determined to never stop dreaming and reaching for the highest achievement possible in any situation. Furthermore, I will try to take even more care of my body. Due to allergies and intolerances, it had to go through so much stress the past year. These days, I feel like I am at a place where I know very well what my body can handle and what is only good on occasion. There is nothing to aim for if on is not healthy. Hence, health will stay a priority in my life, whilst I reach for my career-related dreams and continue to update you on everything fashion, non-toxic beauty and wellness related.

A major resolution of mine, though, is to slow down and try to soak up every experience as it would be the most precious one. I can already sense that since my year is so planned out, it will take an extra effort to stay connected and to not rush through 2018.

Some questions to keep us all thinking and reflecting

Where do I want to be? Am I doing this for myself or for others?

What makes me happy? When do I feel good?

What are my strengths? What do I have to work on?

How can I have a positive impact on the world surrounding me? How am I creating change?

Do I spend enough time with my loved ones? Am I letting them know how much I care?

What am I grateful for?

Let me know if these questions made you think as well and share with me some of your new year’s resolutions for 2018. Cheers to an amazing year.

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