Dinner Table Conversations #01

I am proud to say that The Edit got a new look and vibe to it. Most importantly, it is now called Dinner Table Conversations to create a clearer notion of what this article is actually there for. Hence, I want you to be informed about topics of our shared interest that you need to know about for educational, business or conversational reasons. These articles, videos, podcasts, posts, buys and recipes are there to be addressed during your personal dinner table conversations. Besides, the recipe might even fill your dinner table. Hence, just to give you a heads up on what topics to expect: We will be talking about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, politics, technology, economics, business, and everything else that we should be aware of.

Dinner Table Conversations #01: Golden Globe Awards, Suits, New Year’s Day, The Magical Breakfast, Must Buy, Chocolate Zucchini Cake…

The Read

The most important topic these days are the Golden Globe Awards. The dress-code was all-black to make a statement in support of Time’s Up. Based on the recent #metoo campaign, the initiative goes against sexual harassment and supports gender parity across several industries. The awareness is definitely there. Where is this heading? We don’t know yet. What I do know is that the dresses were still stunning and the guests did not fail to make sure they stood out. Black doesn’t prohibit pearls, glitter, and see-through material, does it? Anyhow, fashion might be a way to make a point. After all, it always seems to reveal itself as a good tool to approach certain worldly issues.

The Watch

When it comes to what to watch, I can only tell you about my newly found obsession with Suits. I know I am late to that train but since I have started with the first episode, I cannot stop watching. The only thing that sucks is that it takes up way too much time. This is definitely, why I never watch TV and series. Well, now the damage is done and whilst getting back into my work rhythm, I’ll make sure to leave enough time to finish those seasons. Anyway, if you love intrigues, a bit of a love story, very well dressed women and men in suits, this one is for you.

The Listen

After listening to reputation by Taylor Swift non-stop, my favourite song of the album has revealed itself. I am definitely most in love with New Year’s Day. I just adore the picture that is created in my head. There’s glitter on the floor after the party. Girls carrying their shoes down in the lobby.

The Instagram Post

The Must Buy
The Recipe

The recipe is a very easy one for me this week. If you have been following my Instagram Stories on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you might have seen the three incredible cakes that I’ve backed for my Mum’s Birthday. The winner was without a doubt the Chocolate Zucchini Cake. I mean there is nothing better than a soft batter surrounded by lots of chocolate cream frosting. In addition, no one minded the sneaky zucchini and sweet potato, that basically turned the cake into a vegetable. A good reason to enjoy more pieces without the common guilt.

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