Dinner Table Conversations #04

Dinner Table Conversations #04: Berlin And A Fashion Success Story, Gifted, Mercy – Shawn Mendes, Light-Weight Knits, New Collection, Caramel Shortcake Bars…


Having attended Berlin Fashion Week just recently, I was very interested in an article about Berlin’s Fashion Scene. Can Berlin turn its fetish for failure into a fashion success story? That is the question the article poses. After all, the most important German designers are not even showing their collections in Germany but rather in Milan and Paris. However, there is hope. With a newly created Fashion Council and IMG pulling out of the Fashion Week establishment, a city getting more expensive and a trend towards luxury, it is possible that Berlin Fashion Week will manage to attract a higher end audience in the future. This would be uber beneficial, attracting important designers, the right amount of press and would leave space for new designers to emerge as well as learn from the established ones.


Yesterday, my Mum and I watched the movie Gifted. You truly have to have a look. I basically cried the entire movie. The story is simply too touching. My Mum loved the movie as well. Hence, if you are looking for a movie to watch on your next lonely Saturday evening, this is the one.


Curious about my current favourite song? It’s an older one but I cannot stop listening. However, the downside is that it gets me quite emotional. Well, before I forget to mention what song we are actually talking about. The song is called Mercy by Shawn Mendes and the lines are just too beautiful. If you want to know what else I am listening to, don’t forget to follow me on Apple Music.

Won’t you please have mercy on me?
I’m a puppet on your string.
And even though you got good intentions,
I need you to set me free. 




Chocolate anyone? Or rather wickedly delicious caramel shortcake bars. They are currently chilling in my freezer. The recipe is by @papaya_sunshine and proofed to be the quickest solution to having a little something ready when granny drops by tomorrow. The recipe is a hundred percent foolproof and I had all ingredients at home already. The healthy staples life is paying off.

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