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I cannot believe November has been the last time I’ve published a beauty article. I intended to focus more on the fashion aspect of this blog. However, I always strongly underline the huge part beauty, wellness and health play in my life. I’ve been working with Omorovicza for about two years now. They kindly gift me products every now and then. I am always so grateful for their products since they fit well with my preference for non-toxic and clean beauty that in addition offers a very luxurious experience.

I’ve selected the Illuminating Moisturizer and the Gold Night Drops during the past fall season, keeping in mind that during the colder months of the year my face keeps on being thirsty and I like to keep a healthy glow. Hence, I am introducing you to Omorovicza Skincare products which help you to achieve the ultimate gold illumination. A complexion that looks hydrated, even and glowing.


The Gold Night Drops is a night serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines in addition to hydrating and nourishing the skin during the night. I noticed that it also helps with the skins recovery, healing old spots and scars. It basically acts at a time when the skin is most open to healing properties. The main actor in the serum is the colloidal gold, creating a radiant and healthy complexion.

The Illuminating Moisturizer seems to be just perfect since it is suitable for dry skin. It makes sure my face is hydrated throughout the entire day. In addition to moisturising and hydrating deeply, the moisturizer smoothes out fine lines and uneven skin appearances to create an illuminated and even complexion. This complexion enhancement is achieved by the ruby crystal compound that is included in the moisturizer.


I like to apply the Gold Night Drops after cleansing my face properly. By simply using a small amount of the serum, I create a beautiful and thin layer on my face. Afterwards, I apply my nighttime cream to lock in the serum and promote sustained moisturization. The Illuminating Moisturiser, I prefer to apply in the morning to reap the benefits of an even complexion and an illuminated and healthily glowing face throughout the day.

*In kind collaboration with Omorovicza [ad/gift]

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