Dinner Table Conversations #05

Dinner Table Conversations #05: Miquela Sousa, Niche Is The New Mass, Naked by James Arthur, Hearts & Ribs, Spring Pink, Sweet Potato Brownies…


Wait. Did I just read this right? The worlds first computer-generated influencer is waiting out there in the world wide web? Well, yes it is. Miquela Sousa (@lilmiquela) seems like any other influencer. She is 19 years old and based in LA. Her origins look like a mixture of Spanish and Brazilian. Her career consists of being a model, a musician and an influencer. One can spot her wearing Chanel, Supreme, Vetements and Vans. In addition, she appears to attend events in the influencer and fashion world, accompanied by her influencer friends. Her current follower count on Instagram is over 500,000. The only thing is, she is not even real – well at least not in a sense that we’ve previously considered as such.


The past week I’ve basically watched mostly designer handbag collection and unboxing videos since I am currently confirming my decision towards a new handbag purchase I want to make. For me, a designer handbag purchase has to be very calculated and well thought through. Looking back on my previous two designer handbag purchases, I managed to do everything perfectly right. I carried around my Louis Vuitton Neverful almost every single day for about 5 years now. My Céline Trio bag also gets worn a lot, especially during the evenings. Hence, it is definitely time for a new bag in the collection. I’ll definitely take you with me as soon as I do the purchase. Let me know, if you would be interested in a new what’s in my handbag video featuring my future designer bag. In case you want to know more about my purchase intentions, in my Louis Vuitton Neverful What’s In My Bag Video, I told you all about them.

Well, now in regards to The Watch recommendation. I would like to recommend something more eloquent. It is nothing that we haven’t heard of before but Niche Is The New Mass. Beautycon chief executive Moj Mahdara took to the VOICES 2017 stage to share her insights about the specific phenomenon.


More music. You know where you can find my playlists. They are all updated and ready to be listened to on Apple Music. My favourite The Listen this current week is Naked by James Arthur. It’s simply such a beautiful and heartbreaking love song. Next, to the incredible tunes, the lyrics are the most stunning.



You know a recipe is good when you recreate it twice in a week. This Sweet Potato Brownie recipe is the best I’ve ever tried. The Chocolate cover on top makes it just perfect. I recreated the topping using cacao butter instead of coconut oil. On point.

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