Dinner Table Conversations #10

Dinner Table Conversations #10: Influencer Bashing, Beach Dreams, Glow Recipe, A Drop of Colour, Superfood Oatmeal…


I was utterly shocked and a bit outraged when I stumbled across a recent online article by the FAZ newspaper. One of their journalists took her freedom of speech very seriously and wrote the most hateful and ironic article about businesswoman and influencer Chiara Ferragni. In my opinion, her expression and analogies were almost laughable. The journalist called Chiara a narcissistic woman, claimed that she is equal to a piece of salad and announced that her birth to baby boy Leo was simply a strategic action to stay relevant in her field of business.

If that wouldn’t be enough, the most credible Zeit magazine also put out an article on influencers, degrading their jobs and displaying them as laughable cliches. Mind you, the article should have been on influencers that actually have further business on their plate and work more hours than those on their Instagram accounts. Masha Sedwick wrote an interesting piece countering those claims and putting a word out for the influencer and young entrepreneur scene. Curious? You might want to read her article on Influencers Have No Skills Whatsoever.


Are you ready for a little holiday? I certainly started to line up swimsuits and bikinis. However, my summer holiday won’t happen until August. Surely, I’ll be lounging alongside the pool in Germany in some time. Until then, though, I am going to dream myself away by watching videos by my favourite travel bloggers. One video that I recently discovered and loved, in particular, is called Dreams at Hurawalhi Maldives by Jaqueline Mikuta. Such a pleasant watch.


I am currently catching up with all the podcasts I am subscribed to. Somehow every time I am around family or simply have too much on my plate, I miss out on all my favourite shows. However, these episodes bring so much value to my life in all regards. They inspire me to grow on a personal level, encourage my mind to go crazy and spit out all those business ideas, as well as fill me up with all my beloved information on health and wellness. One of my favourite business, wellness and lifestyle-related shows is the TSC Him & Her Podcast. Hence, an episode, I can only highly recommend to all of you entrepreneurs out there is the episode with Glow Recipe Founders Sarah and Christine. It’s all about building a global beauty brand, shark tank, skincare, and pursuing your dreams.



These days, I am trying to ease back into more intuitive eating patterns. As for now, I feel like there is nothing more difficult than that but I truly miss the way I was nourishing myself 3 years ago. Fruits. Vegetables. Grains. Love. One recipe that spoke to me the past days was this colourful bowl of oatmeal by @sobeautifullyreal. Simply cook your oats the usual way, divide them up into three parts and add spirulina, beetroot, açai or other colourful superfood powders. Top it off with coconut yoghurt, blueberries and anything else you fancy.






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