To wear glasses can make a huge difference in regard to our faces. Glasses can underline your own type or create a whole new look. I’ve been wearing glasses for a long time now. Well, to be honest, I am mostly wearing lenses. Hence, you usually wouldn’t spot me with glasses. My last pair of glasses has been a pretty pair of Chanel glasses. However, I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing them out on a regular basis. I simply wasn’t completely satisfied with the look. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the glasses are incredibly pretty. Somehow, it was just not the right pair for me so far. Time for a change of glasses, I believe.

Recently, I had to get myself a new pair of glasses since my eyesight changed over the last four years of me owning the Chanel glasses. I looked for something completely different. Something a little more on the fashion side of things. With the help of Nino at Teyeger, I chose a pair of delicate but a tiny bit more out there Dior glasses. The model is called Dior Glasses Essence 3. It is still classy but definitely stylish enough to make me feel good wearing them. I especially appreciate how the glasses, even though they are round and quite big, do not change the shape of my face. The glasses simply sit there as a nice and helpful accessory.

Next, to my bag, some perfume, a lipstick and other necessary companions, I now take my Dior glasses with me anywhere I go.¬†Lastly, if you want to win your own pair of prescription glasses, keep an eye on my Instagram (@bycarinajung). I’ll be running a giveaway to get your own pair of glasses in Mannheim at¬†Teyeger.

To all the glasses wearing humans among us: Which pair of glasses are you wearing? Do you prefer round glasses, square glasses, very plain ones or extravagant ones?

*In kind collaboration with Teyeger [ad]