Hey you,

like I told you in my last article, I went to London the past weekend to do some shopping, have some incredibly delicious food, attend the Fare Healthy, and obviously to buy some beauty and health food products. Hence, if you are interested in what I brought home with me, you can check out the haul video below. Oh, and please make yourself a cup of tea and grab a piece of cake because I happened to feel quite chatty whilst filming the haul video. Let me know, if you have tried any of the product below. Perhabs, you also discovered something of your interest. I would be happy to hear about your thoughts.

Whilst you are watching the London Beauty & Health Food Haul, I am finally going to the cinema today to watch La La Land. It better be worth it since, my friend, Emilia and I were trying to get tickets to the screening for a couple of weeks now. So far, everyone seemed to really love the movie. That is why my hopes for this piece are set quite high. Howsoever, I will let you know my thoughts, after I have watched it.

Lastly, I wanted to inform you that I have installed a shop on this website. If you press the category ‘Shop’ at the top of the page, it will lead you to my currently most loved items. I will make sure to regularly update the shopping corner. This way, you will be able to see what I am currently wishing for or which items in my closet are the most loved ones at that point in time.

Have a beautiful Saturday, lovelies!