A couple of days ago I attended Berlin Fashion Week with the mission to discover new trends and fashion highlights for the fall and winter season 2018. In addition to experiencing all the fashion trends and forecasts, I loved having the opportunity to connect with likeminded humans. I feel so perfectly in the right place and on the right way when I am surrounded by what I truly love. In the end, I can only repeat myself a thousand times to mention how grateful I am.

In regards to Berlin Fashion Week, I want to mention that I love the tendency towards simple and timeless designs. German designers seem to focus on the practical but also stylish. To give you more of an insight and a rundown of the designs and highlights that I spotted for the fall and winter season of 2018, I am presenting to you five of the trends that I spotted. You will notice that they all tie together.

The Aesthetic Of The Women

There was truly a feminist vibe present at Berlin Fashion Week. Designers like Irene Luft did not shy away from pointing out the aesthetic of the modern woman. At several points, there was little fabric involved showing the beauty of the woman’s body and at other points like at the show of Strenesse, the looks basically portrayed the notion of suiting up. Truly in the fashion of designing for female leaders. Also, Dorothee Schuhmacher presented designs showing fashion in connection with femininity and strength pointing to the power of dressing in a post-feminist state. Lastly, Odeeh highlighted out that feminism is the new cool, with the focus on feminine form. Overall, it is no surprise that the #metoo movement amongst others is once again lead by the way we dress and will dress in the future. Fashion, after all, is often an interesting way to make a statement.

The New Uniform

In line with the feminist theme, Marina Hoermanseder focused on the new uniform of the modern woman. The looks showed that the colour khaki is a colour that is there to stay. How cool, that I was wearing my khaki coloured skirt to Fashion Week as well. Furthermore, I was able to spot bold textures and statement prints creating the uniform look. Therefore, the new uniform definitely matches the current zeitgeist. In addition, get ready to have some colour involved in the autumn and winter season of 2018/2019. I spotted some pink, baby pink and fuchsia that mixed well with the tartan look.

Inspired by Nature

At Lena Hoschek, it was definitely impossible to miss the inspiration from nature. After all, nature is truly the best designer, isn’t it? The colour range stayed in the blacks, blues and greens. Khaki was again a dominating colour. Furthermore, the looks lived of patterns and prints, portraying nature, flowers and greenery. Analysing the looks, it becomes obvious that the way nature is in flow inspired the designer to create dresses and skirts that represent exactly that. In the end, the designs created by Lena Hoschek thereby perfectly represent the power of the women as well. Lastly, the nature-inspired looks got pulled together by the strength of belts that defined the flowing silhouettes.

Pants Find Themselves On The Runway

In fashion jeans almost never make it onto the runway. They frequently get treated as an item of utility. However, the designer Dawid Tomaszewski took the bold move and integrated embellished and patterned jeans into his runway look. He was definitely not shying away from dresses and skirts. However, he managed to put together looks around the utility pant. Besides, those looks were graced by check patterns, creating the awareness that check is there to stay for further seasons. Another fabric that I didn’t miss to notice at the Dawid Tomaszewski show is velvet. The past few weeks, one was able to spot me in my velvet dress. I also wore it to a Fashion Week party. Well, I wasn’t too sure, if the trend would last, but we are taking it with us into the seasons to come.

Optimism And Fashion

Finally, at the show by Malaikaraiss, it was impossible to miss the optimism included in her designs. Not only, did the designer stay with bright and pastel colours, creating a positive atmosphere, Malaikaraiss went as far as printing statements of positivity onto her fashion items. I spotted dresses representing a flowing state of love, lightness, ease and positive vibes. The looks are uncomplicated and portray a perfect synergy of the feminine and the masculine. In addition, the designs create a mix of sensibility and strength. After all, the optimism of the looks is perfectly in tune with what the modern women are eager to wear right now and in the future.