A girl that shops, needs to eat. I simply adore Milan but how often do I want to tell you about my love for this city. Well, as soon as I arrived here, I set myself the mission to explore a variety of places that cater my food choices and dietary needs. When I am out and about exploring the city, visiting exhibitions, or shop for the current season, I tend to get hungry and in the mood for eating out. In regard to my allergies and intolerances, eating out is a true treat. Therefore, I love to enjoy it fully, surrounded by the best people. Since I know that my body can only handle a certain amount of foreign food at a time, I like to pick the best spots.

Therefore, I am proud to present you with the greatest options to enjoy a healthy, plant-based and gluten-free meal in Milan. Oh yes, even the city of pasta and pizza has a great variety of healthy food on offer. Hence, I made it easier for you to pick the right place to make your Milan experience complete. Enjoy this plant-based food guide.

Mantra Raw

This place is incredible! I’ve had raw cake and hot beverages at least 5 times there already. As pictured below, my favourite cake option is the raw vegan and unrefined Tiramisu. When it comes to the hot beverages, I also tried several. However, I come back to the Salted CaRAWmel Latte with Maca Powder time and time again. It is simply too delicious to be true. Hence, if you go there and cannot decide in between all the tasty options try my favourites and you won’t be disappointed.

I also visited Mantra Raw for dinner once and tried some of their salty dishes at a yoga event. The flavours are simply outstanding. However, I have to warn you, the salads are slightly too big. Hence, I would only go for the main course and the dessert. For the main course, I recommend the Kelp Noodles with Pepper Cream and Herb Oil. Seriously, these are the best and creamiest kelp noodles I’ve ever tasted. On a side note, keep in mind that some dishes like the Gnocchi and Ravioli are smaller than the rest of the meals. Taste-wise, they all are delicious though.

By the way, everything offered here is raw, gluten-free and vegan. Oh, yes!

As for the atmosphere, I must say that I prefer sitting in the front of the store looking out the window since the room at the back is slightly more alternative. However, this really is a personal preference. I simply prefer everything to be chic or industrial looking. In the end, the food makes up for everything that isn’t my prefered taste.


V3Raw is a beautiful place for breakfast. I especially love the vibes of this place. Everything looks super industrial and the atmosphere is just great. It feels like the right place to have a chat with your friend, hold a meeting or work away on your laptop. Food-wise, this place doesn’t have the greatest variety of plant-based, vegan options. However, the delicious taste of their chia puddings and the Matcha Latte are definitely enough to satisfy my taste buds. Overall, the atmosphere makes up for the missing choice one has. Keep in mind, not everything here is vegan and gluten-free. So, you might want to ask, follow the signs that indicate intolerances or stick with the trusty chia pudding and Matcha treat.

Be Bop

This is the place to go if you want to have the most Italian experience. I think I can hardly leave this restaurant out of my plant-based food guide. Even though it might not be the healthiest choice. At Be Bop, you’ll find a restaurant with mostly locals but also some internationals, nice waiters and the best pizza in town. The most incredible part of the restaurant is its suitability to celiacs, gluten intolerant people and vegans. They offer an entire menu of gluten-free options and a great variety of dishes that are made purely out of plants. Hence, this place is Italian food heaven for every dietary requirement including the non-fussy eaters that can go for the most classical pizza option possible. You might want to know my favourite pizza on the menu. It is called Nile. The in my case gluten-free base is filled with artichoke cream, falafel pieces, tomato, rocket and tahini sauce. I know, I went for the unusual choice here but it is so good that I already enjoyed it four times in total. Pizza, please!

Açaí Sisters

This place is the cutest. The best thing about Açaí Sisters is the proximity to the University and the kindest owner on earth. So, far I’ve stuck to the delicious variety of Açaí Bowls. Hence, I’ve tried the one with added kale, added berries, and added chocolate. They all are insanely tasty and come with a beautiful fruit topping. By the way, if you want the gluten-free option, don’t forget to ask for a bowl minus the granola. Beverage-wise, I both love the cold-pressed juices and the Matcha Latte. So good! Something, I’ve yet to try out, is one of the hearty dishes. My Mum tried their butternut squash noodles and loved them. Hence, that is what is on the menu for me next time. Oh, just so you know. Everything here is vegan, plant-based or whatever you call it. The owner just does not advertise it in order to not exclude anyone. Love it.


Oh, well! What can I say? This one is my absolute favourite by far. Let’s talk about the atmosphere first. My oh my, Soulgreen encompasses everything I love when it comes to the actual place. It is chic but industrial. Think, beautiful unique tables, plants, and unfinished walls. The restaurant is relatively dark and plays very nice tunes. I feel like this is the perfect place to have dinner and truly enjoy yourself with the best company.

A very fun part of the restaurant is the fact that you order via tablet. Hence, a very kind waiter instructs you on how their modern system works and then it is your turn to shop through their food section and add it to the shopping cart. I especially love all the descriptions added to the dishes and the imagery makes it hard to decide in-between options. Especially great is the fact that you can get an insight into ingredients, rule out allergies and leave out ingredients that you don’t like. Perfect for all those babes with allergies and intolerances amongst us. Before I forget to mention it, everything here is plant-based (vegan) and gluten-free to start with.

Let’s continue with the food itself. It is so delicious. I cannot even tell you, how good it is. I tasted the most incredible Zucchini flowers, filled with nut cheese, an outstanding main dish with a variety of Italien flavours created with vegetables, pesto, and chickpea flour corners, and a heavenly dessert, featuring a chocolate cake and popcorn ice cream, offering a mixture of sweet and salty flavours. Honestly, this one is a must when you visit Milan.

Macha Café

I truly adore this space. Macha Café has quite an Asian vibe to it. Not that I know much about Asia but at least that’s how I would associate it. Perhaps, it also reminds me a little bit about the Cafés that I know from the Netherlands. As the name already hints at, most of the dishes are created around the Matcha green tea powder. Hence, you are best served with a cup of delicious Matcha Latte. Don’t forget to opt for your choice of mylk. In my opinion, they are doing the best Matcha Lattes in town.

In addition, I already tried their Chia Pudding since it is one of the few options for plant-based eaters. I wouldn’t say it is outstanding but it is a nice treat to have. Anyhow, I would love to try their Vegan Lunch Bowl with tofu and rice at some point. Hence, I guess I have to go back in the upcoming week’s to try that one. The only thing is that they do not indicate which items are gluten-free, so I might have to check that for the lunch option. The foods I already consumed are suitable for gluten intolerant people for sure.

Are there any incredible places I’ve missed? Which one is your favourite spot in the city? Let me know.