Happy Monday! This post should have been out, yesterday. Instead, I simply had a beautiful day. Milan is still so sunny. One simply cannot stay in. However, I took you with me. Hence, if you are quick, you might still be able to watch my Instagram Story. Feel free to share The Edit #34 with your friends. Obviously, you might want to use the hot topics down below to spice up this week’s conversations.

In today’s The Edit #34: When Image Is Everything, Morning Yoga Flow, Gary Vaynerchuk, The Little Black Day Dress, New Favourite Smoothie Bowl…

  1. The Read: I stumbled upon this incredibly insightful article by BoF called When Image Is Everything. The article describes our image culture, touches upon the Generation Next, being editors-in-chief of us-dot-com, and describes the dystopia we are creating on a daily basis. The question remains does this image culture also provide actual opportunity? I would say so. However, this article definitely leaves you with food for thought.
  2. The Watch: What can be more beautiful than starting your day with a morning yoga flow. I was thrilled when I found this new Morning Yoga Flow video by Boho Beautiful in my Youtube inbox. Waking up and moving your body is truly a beautiful thing that we definitely should do more often.
  3. The Listen: This one is definitely the most impactful podcast episode I have listened to the past week. Actually, the episode has been up for some time by now. However, I did not get around to listening to it until a couple of days ago. I am talking about the episode called Set a Flag on YOUR Thing with Gary Vaynerchuk on The James Altucher Show. I feel so empowered from the words of Gary Vaynerchuk and they truly have impacted my next life- and business-enhancing moves.
  4. The Must Buy: Something I just bought today. Well, to be honest, I had already tried it on and decided to buy it a couple of weeks ago. However, at that point, I fell in love with two dresses at COS and I needed to decide on one at a time. Hence, I went for the evening dress first since it was perfect for MFW and now I bought the day dress as well. I feel like this black & blue dress is perfect for meetings, an autumn/winter day out, or attending University. It is funny how we got a two-toned theme going on when it comes to dresses. You might want to get your hands on a chic day dress as well.
  5. The Recipe: I started creating this incredibly delicious veggie smoothie bowl. Yeah, I know, I’ve been doing those bowls for quite a while now but I am always getting excited about a new recipe. Hence, I added the new recipe to the email you will receive when you sign up to my newsletter. You can sign up here and enjoy the most delicious smoothie bowl.

(Sources: BoF, bohobeautifullife, jamesaltucher.com, COS)