I asked you on Instagram if you would be interested in an article that covers my personal sources of fashion- & lifestyle-industry-knowledge and inspiration. The majority of you were eager to get an insight into my favourite resources. Hence, today I present you with an entire article covering my favourite fashion and lifestyle information and inspiration sources. I also added descriptions on what each source offers. For some of the resources, I even added a tip to help you navigate the source better or reap the extra benefits.

Business Of Fashion

The Business of Fashion is an online platform established in 2007 by Imran Amed, a fashion business advisor, writer and digital entrepreneur. The platform is dedicated to providing its readers with all the fashion business related insights, information, and industry news. I mainly use the platform to keep myself updated with everything fashion, luxury and lifestyle related. The platform always offers incredibly insightful recaps on trends and fashion weeks. Most importantly it keeps one updated with the business side of the industry. Often, I provide you with an insight into my favourite news pieces in the weekly The Edit. Anyhow, I can only highly recommend this resource for everyone fashion and luxury industry interested. It is also a great asset to inform yourself about the potential job market for the industry. Some of us might want to dive into the business of fashion or are already immersed in it.

Tip: Did you notice you are only allowed to read a certain amount of articles and some of the articles are only for Professional members? Well, a Professional Membership can be super valuable and might be a great investment for any young professional in the fashion and luxury industry. However, for most students, like me, it simply doesn’t make sense to pay the monthly fee just yet. Therefore, BoF offers a Professional Membership Pass for Students, where you can sign up with your student email address and get free access to all the professional content. Incredible, right?


WGSN is a great resource for trend forecasting and trend analytics. I use it mainly to get an insight into upcoming trends and to get inspired by the trend forecast. This online resource is actually used by fashion & luxury industry leaders as well as magazine editors in order to launch collection as well as publish content, according to what is supposed to be on trend in the future. A resource like that is super important in an industry where most businesses are dedicated to the fashion life cycle that is not in tune with the actual seasons. Hence, you want to know what you might be wearing next year? I suggest you subscribe to the WGSN newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Porter Magazine

Porter Magazine is my favourite magazine to date. Honestly, I don’t read any other magazine except this one. As I am really into great editorial photography, my favourite part of the entire magazine is the beautiful imagery. You might have seen me featuring the magazine cover or some of the pages one too many times in my own pictures. Obviously, the magazine provides you with a wide variety of written content as well. Hence, you can find the fashion memo, the art of style, private views, life lessons, features, insider beauty and travel content on the pages of the magazine. Furthermore, I love the feminist touch of the magazine and the strong voices of female industry leaders. These pages are truly inspiring.

Tip: You can get the magazine at well-sorted newsstands. Hence, you find it mostly at airports and train stations. However, since this magazine can be quite expensive, I would suggest to order it online through Net-A-Porter and save on at least one entire issue. By the way, Porter Magazine publishes only six issues each year. Just perfect. This makes it possible for us to actually read an issue before the next one arrives at the doorstep. Additionally, I love that I get the digital subscription for free in addition to my physical order. Moreover, there is also the possibility to subscribe to the digital version only. However, I simply love having a tangible magazine around.

Instagram Collections

Instagram is a very inspiring platform to me. Obviously, it is the choice of the user to follow the accounts that truly spark inspiration. Scrolling through the images that are posted by the people I follow, provides me with the right amount of impressions. These impressions spark my enthusiasm for content creation and positively influence my creativity. I get so much fashion, food, fitness, wellness, travel and interior inspiration by using the app. Hence, I live to keep my favourite impressions organised. Therefore, I am truly excited about the feature that lets you create collections with the images you saved. I have folders for recipes, various cities, beach vibes, travel destinations, restaurants, quotes, editorial photography, fashion, fitness, interior and more. Don’t mind me going crazy with this type of organisation. Anyhow, this way, if I am looking for a special kind of inspiration, I know which folder to go to.

The Chriselle Factor

I think this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my favourite blog. The Chriselle Factor and Chriselle Lim offer the most inspiring content on their website. Chriselle Lim is a great source for fashion inspiration, as well as beauty and lifestyle-related content. Most importantly, everything she and her team create is oh so pleasant to look at. The content is very much in my favourite editorial style and therefore so pleasant to look at. Their production is just golden. Can I say – goals?

To wrap up with this article on my personal sources of knowledge and inspiration, I thought I’d let you know that if you feel like you don’t have time to have a look at all those sources on a weekly basis, I got you covered. After all, I publish the weekly The Edit where I provide you with the most important takeaways of the past week, regarding the fashion and lifestyle industry. Hence, you will always be left inspired and with something to talk about for each upcoming week.

Personal Sources Of Knowledge