I have been going on about this a lot over on Instagram, the fact that being close to the ocean makes me feel different. It is a positive different, one that is grounding, and putting my feet back onto the earth. Have you experienced this feeling before?

Well, let me go deeper with this and explain a little more. Usually, I am not living close to the ocean. However, I might at one point in my life change this fact and move a little closer. Anyhow, on those currently rather rare occasions that bring me close to the seaside, I really feel a difference in my being. Somehow, my wellbeing is elevated and those little issues that I am fighting against like allergies, intolerances, and stress simply dissolve into the air or should I say the ocean.

The ocean magically manages to create this positive and relaxing aura. To me it transfers the message of everything turning out fine in the end. It also conveys the message of everything is as it should be. I think it has to do with the ebb and flow the ocean is dedicated to. In addition, the sun rays kissing my body at the beach and the grounding sand might also contribute to this healing feeling.

As a self-appointed ocean child, I am sure that happiness comes in salty water. Besides, arriving at the ocean I feel like leaving behind a part of me. Some weight I held onto simply gets taken of my shoulders. Hence, this is where the notion “The Girl You Left Behind” fits so perfectly. A part of me will always be with the ocean. Surely, if you ever lose me. Or if I ever lose myself. This is where one will find me.

These images where taken on the isle of Sylt. An isle in the most northern part of Germany. The isle happens to be one of my favourite places on earth. So, year and year again I love to use the beautiful picturesque scenery to my advantage and take images that I love to look at again and again. I think being there my favourite thing on earth is to watch the sunset down at the beach. Hence, I thought, I’ll let you be part of this beautiful moment in time by sharing these images with you. I must say, I felt incredibly happy in my white dress with my feet in the sand. Magical.

Dress-COS (similar)