Hey you,

today I am sharing my current Barely There Makeup routine with you. It’s perfect for those summer days, where you don’t want to spend much time covering up your beautiful faces. Other than that, this makeup is quick and easy to apply with a minimal amount of brushes and mostly fingers. Hence, I perceive it as the perfect everyday makeup look for those warmer days. To be honest, I am still waiting for those summer days here in Hamburg, as the weather is constantly changing. Nevertheless, I must say I was lucky on some occasions already.

Furthermore, I wanted to share with you that I am quite proud of this little video since it was only a couple of days ago that I got introduced to InDesign. To say the least, I was so excited about being able to do some basic steps with the program that I couldn’t resist to immediately implement my skills in the video below. I know some of you might be super skilled at using Adobe products but I am just starting out.

Besides, one obvious thing that got reinforced over the last couple of weeks, is the fact that I am a creative human. Well, what I mean by that is that I simply strive by being creative. Hence, I feel so much happier being able to do creative tasks. Additionally, there is another thing that I have relearned about myself. I need to have creative freedom to be happy and content in life. For me, these are facts that will definitely play a role in the way my life will proceed. After all, these facts aren’t new to me. However, I feel like they are even more valuable the more often they get reinforced. I am confident that such traits will not only influence career moves but will continuously have their say in my lifestyle choices.

Back to the makeup look. I currently really enjoy using the RMS Signature Set on a daily basis. So, it was a pleasure to use it in this tutorial as well. You might have seen me talking about it in my most recent favourites video. This palette is so versatile and handy. Yes, it truly is amazing. In addition, I simply wanted to mention again that this tutorial is a non-toxic, all natural makeup look. I guess this is important to know, for those amongst us who truly care about what they put on their precious skin whilst still wanting to look amazing.

Without further ado, enjoy the Barely There Makeup tutorial.

barely there makeup