Recently, I had the chance to get my hands on a selection of Hiro Cosmetics products. Hence, I was super eager to try them out. Honestly, I’ve been noticing the brand a while ago and somewhere in my mind, it was always on the list of brands to try. Hiro Cosmetics always seemed very promising to me since their values and usage of ingredients pretty much aligns with my own demands when it comes to cosmetics. Moreover, I should mention that Hiro Cosmetics is a Berlin brand. A fact I love, considering that this indicates growth in the natural beauty sector of the German market.

What Caught My Eye

Hiro Cosmetics belongs to my favourite category of high-performance all-natural beauty products. The makeup is completely free of toxins and promises great results in terms of application and staying power. Most of their products are based on the purest minerals grounded into powder form. The mineral contained throughout the product line is called Mica. Apparently, Mica is an ingredient that stands for working perfectly with the skin, staying power and natural appearance. We don’t want to look overly painted on, do we? Furthermore, Hiro Cosmetics promises products that are noncomedogenic. This indicates that the makeup line is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive as well as acne prone skin. Moreover, the products are formulated without alcohol, talc, fillers or dyes. In addition, Hiro Cosmetics does not include preservatives and nano-particles. This is exactly how I like the products I use to be formulated.

Suggested Usage

In order to show you how to use the different products by Hiro Cosmetics, I filmed a first impressions video. In the video, I create an autumnal look, perfect for the current season. The products that I am using throughout the video are the foundation, highlighter, bronzer, multi-balm, eyeshadow and mascara by the brand. I must say my favourite product out of the entire collection must be the highlighter. I simply adore a good glow on my skin. The champaign colour creates such a healthy and radiant appearance.

Have you tried any products by Hiro Cosmetics before? If so, what is your favourite product by the brand?

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